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mew can only be caught on mars you get there by getting mew two and mew three. MEW THREE DOESN"T EXIST

Answeri wont work because you need mewthree and to get him you have to trade from Pokemon ruby Sapphire or emerald and how to get him is simple talk to profesor birth 9999 times then go to the first gym you go to talk to you dad and fe will say 0156 and then you get to get mewthree in Sapphire you might ask well go upstairs in the space center talk to everyboy 100 times and go out at sea eventally you will find him at level to get him in emerald you might ask go to every gym talk to every gymleader 2 times then go to the guy that makes stuff out of ash and he will say whaaaaa! then go out and back in and talkto him again and he will say sorry and ask you if you want to go to orey region say no and turn of your game and you will get mewthree.
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Q: Why might a Mew Celadon cheat for Pokemon not work?
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How do you get the elevator in celadon condominiums to work in Pokemon gold?

use rotom event from Pokemon platinum ( i think )

Is there a cheat that turns people into Pokemon in Pokemon pearl and how does it work?

no there is not a cheat for that but there are other cheats

In Pokemon pearl I have tried the clone cheat for the master ball but it doesn't work. What is the real cheat?

i did not know there was that cheat but right now im frustrated over the Pokemon Pokemon cloning cheat. it work for me!

Does the shiny Pokemon cheat work when you do not have it on?

It has to work, it is impossible to not work

Do action replay codes work for you-cheat?

i have i-cheat and i typed in the code for Pokemon modifier but it didn't work so no

What is the cheat to get all the Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

There is no cheat for catching all the Pokemon on Pokemon platinum. it's all down to hard work and persistence.

Does the cheat code modifier work for Pokemon diamond?

Yes and no depending on the Cheat code modifier.

What cheat code do you use to get snivy in Pokemon soul silver?

You can not use a cheat code you have to do it by work

How do you get to Gracidea flower in Pokemon HeartGold?

you get it afteryou go to celadon and change rotoms form. Sorry if this doesn't work

What is the best Pokemon cheat ever?

The cheat that allow you to walk through tree.You can find the code for it on most Pokemon cheat websites. Note:im positive they only work on pc

How do you get pass the rock that is in the way to Lavender Town in Pokemon 'Shiny Gold'?

i suggest walk through walls cheat try it it might work

What is the cheat code for arceus in Pokemon ruby?

You can't get Gen4 pokemon in Gen3 game.

Does Pokemon Pearl Action Replay codes work on Pokemon Platinum game?

I HIGHLY doubt Pokemon Pearl AR cheat codes will work in Pokemon Platinum =]

Is there a cheat to get all Pokemon with action replay for Pokemon ds?

yes you have to find a Pokemon modifier cheat for that specific game. you will find one on and 85% sure it will work

What is the action replay cheat for catching celbi on Pokemon Diamond?

the cheat for celibi in Pokemon diamond is 2ggrf3ff g3445566 hfggy5760 that's the cheat if it doesent work go to any other website

What is the cheat codes to get the mystic ticket in Pokemon emerald?

there is none that work

What is the cheat code for masterball in Pokemon chaos black?

it dsnt work

How does the heart gold wild Pokemon modifier work?

dont cheat.

Is there a cheat to be in the hall of fame on Pokemon diamond?

Unfortunatley, no. You have to work to get there. You will need Pokemon that are 60 and up. There are walkthroughs for this.

How do you get Meditite on Pokemon Emerald?

you have to cheat for it guys or elese it wont work okay here s the cheat 2456dfgghj-09

How do you enter cheat codes on pokemon firered?

You have to have gameshark cheat thing for gba. If you don't have it, then It won't work. Hope it helped.

Pokemon Pearl cheat 'copy' works?

to make the cheat work you must press select and up

Is there a cheat to catch uxie with a ultra ball?

no but, i no a cheat to catch dialga on diamond first u use flamethower or fire punch then use a ultra ball and it works as a master ball.(it might work on other Pokemon games)

Whats the action replay cheat to get catch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon diamond version?

i don't think there is one but you can try typing Pokemon cheat for getting shiny okemon sorry if it doesnt work im not an expert on Pokemon

What is the cheat for gameshark that lets you clone Pokemon on Pokemon dimaond?

1i3love5rainbow8ponies7!6!5!2! IT DOSE NOT WORK