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check for a drain on the battery. It sounds like something is drawing power from the battery all the time. Also make sure your connections are tight and clean. A lose ground wire will drain it instantly.

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Q: Why might a battery not hold a charge after replacing the battery and having the alternator tested?
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How can you get your battery to charge with out the charger?

You cannot charge a battery without a battery charger or having it charged by the alternator in your vehicle while it is running.

What to do if the computer screen remains black after replacing the battery?

The obvious answer (without having any additional information) would be to charge the battery !

2000 Astra 1.7DTi Battery warning light is always on since I replaced a faulty Alternator. I've fitted a new drive belt and battery since and its still on. Any Ideas?

I'm having the same problem. The cause of the nackered battery and dead alternator could be a faulty charge relay. Try replacing this and see if the light goes out..

What would make the battery in a 1999 Chevy prism not hold a charge?

check the alternator for most cars the alternator is wat powers the car the battery is for accesories... a quick check for alternator wit out having to disemble it tunr on ur car disconnect the postitive cable on the battery if car stays on then the alternator is good and the actual battery itself might be bad

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1984 Nissan Sentra?

It is part of the alternator. If you are having problems keeping a charge or problem with high voltage, you might want to consider replacing your entire alternator.

Can a loose positive battery cable prevent the alternator from charging the batter and can it cause a battery drain while the engine is not running?

Yes, a loose battery cable will prevent the alternator from charging the battery. The drain on the battery is not caused by the engine not running unless an accessory is left on. Most likely, the drain is caused by accessories (radio, lights, etc) while the engine is running due to the battery not receiving its charge from the alternator and then not having enough charge left to start the engine.

Why would the battery in a VW Jetta not be getting any charge if it has been replaced but you still have the same problem?

You need to check if the ALTERNATOR is giving the correct output so as to charge the battery. By having a volt meter across the batery terminals one can then rev the engine and the voltage accross the battery should be about 13.8 volt indicating that the Alternator is charging the battery. If this 12 volt bateery voltage does not increase, this indicates a charging problem (mostly with the alternator either the brushes or one of the diodes in the alternator).

Why does the battery light come on a 1996 Ford Exployer after changing the battery and having the alternator checked?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alternator belt. If the battery and alt test ok than check the connections to the alternator and battery.

When it it very cold the voltage meter on the dash board is low and have a herd time to start and when it start rpm is low and engine stop after releasing gas pedal?

Cold does that to car batteries and (some) engines. You might consider replacing the battery, or if the battery is still fairly new, consider having the alternator and charge relay checked out.

How do you know if the battery is no good on a 2000 ml320?

Should really charge it then test it with a proper battery load tester. All you can do on your own is get a multimeter and check the voltage. Without it running and having sat for a 1/2 hour or so the voltage should be approx 12-12.5 volts. Start the engine and if the alternator is good the voltage at the battery terminals should be 13-14 volts. If without the engine running the battery voltage is 12 or less this may indicate that the battery is not holding a charge. Even then the voltage should go to between 13-14 volts when engine is started showing that the alternator is working to charge the battery. If when started the battery voltage stays around 12-12.5 volts or less I would suspect the alternator. Just to double check there is the main power out terminal on the back of the alternator. With the engine running check the voltage. If 13-14 volts is present at the alternator but not the battery the circuit in between the alternator and battery is suspect. If the voltage at the alternator is the same as at the battery (12-12.5 or less) the alternator or voltage regulator may be defective.

What are the symptoms of car alternator problems?

Symptoms: Besides having a dead battery.......... If you charge or jumpstart your vehice's battery and successfully get it running to only have it mysteriously die and have no lights, radio, etc.; it is probably you alternator. If your vehicle will run constantly on it's own, but will not start after shutting it off, it could be your battery. If your battery will hold a charge on it's own, but goes dead a while after you start and run your vehicle, it is probably your alternator. Or, if you can get it running, it should have an alternator light that will come on when there is a problem. I would almost bet your car has one... my 1970 ford does.

2007 Chevy Equinox battery won't stay charged and has a new alternator and a new battery but still won't hold a charge what else could it be?

did you find the problem?? i having the same deal with my '06. new battery and alt is fine!

If you reverse polarity on the battery and the fuses are fine and the alternator check out ok why would an 81 Toyota pick-up wont stay on whithout having your foot on the gas pedal?

When the truck is idling at low RPM, the charge supplied by alternator is not sufficient to run truck and charge battery of reverse polarity. Alternator expends majority of amperage toward charging (which never takes) and increase in RPM is required to spin alternator fast enough to accomodate ignition system and charging system in unison. When the truck is idling at low RPM, the charge supplied by alternator is not sufficient to run truck and charge battery of reverse polarity. Alternator expends majority of amperage toward charging (which never takes) and increase in RPM is required to spin alternator fast enough to accomodate ignition system and charging system in unison. When the truck is idling at low RPM, the charge supplied by alternator is not sufficient to run truck and charge battery of reverse polarity. Alternator expends majority of amperage toward charging (which never takes) and increase in RPM is required to spin alternator fast enough to accomodate ignition system and charging system in unison.

Your car dies when you disconnect your battery what charging could you be having?

This could also be alternator problems as in a bad diode in the alternator.

What causes an E230 Mercedes 1995 with a new battery to have no power?

i think you are having problem with your alternator its not charging your battery

How does a battery get charged or discharged?

Recharge: By having a positive charge applied to the positive contact of the battery, and by having a negative charge applied to the negative contact of the battery. Discharge: complete a circuit between both contacts of the battery.

Could having the alternator wires hooked up wrong cause it to over charge?

No, it wouldn't do that, not to mention most manufacturers try to do something to make the alternator as foolproof as possible, such as different sized ring terminals from the battery positive to the alternator than what's used from the alternator to the ground. If your alternator is overcharging, you likely have a defective voltage regulator. It's an integral part of the alternator.

Why does the Power Lit stays lit but car runs fine?

Are we talking about the charge warning light (Red, usually with a picture of a battery on it these days)? If so, it means your alternator isn't working properly. You need to get this seen to fairly soon, or you will kill the battery (and end up having to replace that as well as the alternator).

Where is the 2000 Crown Victoria voltage regulator?

Inside the alternator. It's part of the alternator. If you are having problems with low or high voltage output, I'd recommend replacing the alternator as a unit.

Why does the battery light glow red even after having a new battery and alternator on a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant?

Go to auto zone and have the alternator checked out. even a new one can be bad.

My head lights get brighter during acceleration. I have replaced the alternator. What causes the battery light and the air bag light to flash on and off when driving a 1994 Ford Taurus Wagon 3.8L?

your alternator was never the problem. Its your battery and/or charging system. the reason the lights get brighter is because the car isn't getting the propper amount of energy from the battery and is having to directly draw off of the alternator. when the engine is rev'ed the alternator spins faster creating more current to charge the battery, witch is why the lights brighten at higher rpms.

How do you replace the alternator fuse V6 1999 contour?

If the set up is the same as a 96 with a V6, and i believe it is. The fuse is not located on the alternator. Next to the engine block closest to the firewall there is alittle 2 inch plastic black box. Inside is a large 175 amp fuseable link. If this is broken, your alternator and battery will check out good, but the alternator will not charge your battery. Its not the hardest job to do, but because of the location be prepared to put aside about an hour for cursing the Ford designers for what looks like an attempt at hiding it. Just be carefull and disconnect the battery until your finished just incase. Im not sure if this is the fuse your talking about, but i believe it is. This answer may work for those who are having trouble keeping a charge if both the alternator and battery are fine. This fuse is pretty much an antisurge protector and the line it is connected to is the main charging line from your alternator to your starter and back to your battery.

Does a starter drain a battery?

A starter does drain a battery. The battery holds a charge so that you can use your starter to start the car. After the car is started the alternator recharges your battery and runs your car and all it's accessories. If your car won't start or is having a hard time starting you can drain your battery by repeated unsuccessful attempts to start it.

What is wrong with your car when the connectors to the battery are constantly having to be tightened and if they are why is the car still not starting?

Your battery cables probably became loose shortly after each tightening, which made it difficult for the battery to recharge. Your car will run without the battery once you start it, but the lights and radio, and other electricly dependent utilities take all the power it has. Withoutout the charging system recharging the battery it has been left with little or no charge. the battery cable connectors have probably streched and don't fit properly so there isn't a permanent connection to allow the alternator to charge the battery properly during it use and your car not starting could be down to the fact of your battery being nackered due to the lack of charge from the alternator.

Why is the battery light going on on my Chrysler 2006 van?

You are having a problem with the charging system. It could be a failing alternator. Have your local auto parts store test the charging system to determine what the problem is for free. Don't ignore it, you may get stuck.