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Why might a battery not hold a charge after replacing the battery and having the alternator tested?


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2005-05-12 12:53:01
2005-05-12 12:53:01

check for a drain on the battery. It sounds like something is drawing power from the battery all the time. Also make sure your connections are tight and clean. A lose ground wire will drain it instantly.


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You cannot charge a battery without a battery charger or having it charged by the alternator in your vehicle while it is running.

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The obvious answer (without having any additional information) would be to charge the battery !

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I'm having the same problem. The cause of the nackered battery and dead alternator could be a faulty charge relay. Try replacing this and see if the light goes out..

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check the alternator for most cars the alternator is wat powers the car the battery is for accesories... a quick check for alternator wit out having to disemble it tunr on ur car disconnect the postitive cable on the battery if car stays on then the alternator is good and the actual battery itself might be bad

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It is part of the alternator. If you are having problems keeping a charge or problem with high voltage, you might want to consider replacing your entire alternator.

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