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Blown Fuse, Bad relay, bad fan motor.

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Q: Why might the engine fan not come on when the engine gets hot?
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Lumina 2001 engine light on whie working radiator fan?

Your Lumina 2001 engine light might come on while the radiator fan is working because the fan is turning too slowly, is damaged, or is not cooling the engine correctly.

Why won't 94 dodge shadow electric fan come on when engine gets hot?

Fuse in fuse block, Fan relay on drivers side strut tower or the fan itself is dead.

Does the engine fan need to be running whenever the engine is on?

yes, the engine fan need to b running whenever the engine is on the fan is to cool radiater, it only comes on when the engine gets to warm, to cool engine down.

Why would the fan on a 2000 dodge neon work somedays and not the next?

I assume your talking about the engine fan, not the cabin fan. The engine fan is designed to come on only when the engine gets hot enough for it. I.E. the fan won't turn on in the dead of winter, or if you just start your car. The fan will turn on whenever the A/C is turned on though, as part of the Air cooling system.

What is causing my fan to make a loud winding noise and the air not to come out very hard even all the way up?

if its a standard engine with a pulley fan then try replacing the fan clutch. its the silver part attached to the fan and the engine. might need to replace the belts as well.

Your fan wont turn you changed thermostat sensor and relays and you know the fan works you hot wired it?

Some of these fans will not engage until the heat sensor gets to a certain temperature. The engine needs to be hot for the fan to come on.

What can cause the cooling fan not to come on when you turn the AC on but it does come on when the engine gets hot - the engine coolant temp sensor has been changed and the relays have been tested?

possibly reversed wiring or perhaps a bad PCM, the PCM is supposed to override the sensor and turn on the fan anytime the AC is on.

Why is my radiator fan not working on a 1995 Thunderbird?

your fan does not come on unless your car gets hot.if you lift your hood when you start your car the fan will not be running .but when your car gets to hot it will come on.or you may have a short in it.....check out

Why does the blower fan not come on?

The blower fan might not come on because the temperature sensor is damaged or malfunctioning. It also might not come on because of an exposed wire or a blown fuse.

When your truck gets warm you hear a fan turn on what is that?

That is the fan cooling the liquid in the radiator to keep the engine from over heating.

What could be wrong with your car if it is overheating and the antifreeze is not low?

It could possibly be the thermostat or the cooling fan. Let the engine warm up and when it gets to 232 to 235 degrees the cooling fan should come on. If not you need to go from there.

Why won't the fan come on when engine gets hot?

if it a electric fan it may just be bad now if it runs of the water pump it may be a bad fan clutch. or it could be the thermostat. or fan relay. It could also be the sensor in the computer has gone bad which means you need a new computer.

At what temps do the low speed and high speed fans come on on your Focus?

The low-speed fan will come on when your engine temperature reaches 180 degrees. The high speed fan will come on. When the engine temperature reaches 200 degrees.

Why does your fan not kick on until you put your ac on?

AnswerThe fact that it comes on when the A/C is on indicates the fan motor is good. The fan will only come on when the temperature sensor indicates the engine needs additional cooling. While traveling down the road the fan will rarely come on. It will come on in stop & go traffic. If the engine is not overheating, then you have no problem.there is a fan behind the radiator that is temp controlled & a fan in front of the radiator that runs when the A/C is on.

How come engine fan on your 97 z28 on comes on when you turn on ac?

That is normal.

What are some creative uses for a thermostat?

Hook up a thermostat to your ceiling fan so when your room gets hot your fan will come on!

Symptoms of a bad fan clutch?

The fan might spin slowly, or not at all. By not spinning at speed, the fan will not cool the radiator enough and the engine could overheat.

Why does my cars fan only turn on when the ac is on?

Your car fan turns on when you have your air condition unit on because, your engine heats up more when the air is on so the fan needs to come on to cool the engine down.

What causes the fan on your 1994 Toyota Camry 2.2 not to come on?

It might faulty temperature switch or the fan itself.

1993 Nissan altima what does the engine coolant temp sensor do?

I believe it turns on and off the fan (1 out of 2) that cools the engine according to the temperature it's at. If it doesn't work the engine may not know to turn the fan on and the engine could overheat. Here's a tip. When you turn on your A/C or Heater, both fans come on. The A/C cooling fan and the Engine Cooling fan.

Why your fan goes on when you star your car?

If you have the AC turned on the fan will come on to help cool the engine from the load on the engine. If your car has dual fans only one should come on at that time and the other one would come on when the sensor obtains the required heat range.

What is the electric engine soft sound behind the drivers side under the hood its like a small engine trying to turn on but not enough power but the the engine and everything else is off?

It is the cooling fan for the engine. Even if you shut the engine off, the cooling fan will continue to run until the engine heat gets back down to a normal level. The fan can turn on at anytime. Watch your fingers.

How do you diagnose bad cooling fan in 96 Chevy pick up?

Start the engine up and let it run until it gets to running temperature 195 degrees are so. Then have someone to turn the engine off while you are looking at the fan on the front of the engine. If the fan clutch is good then when the engine is turned off the fan should only turn 1 or 2 turns then stop. If the fan keeps spinning more then that then the fan clutch is bad. Replace it.

Should the engine fan come on when ac is turned on?

yes it does on almost every vehicle

Why does the coolant fan in a 1994 Saturn only come on when the air conditioner is on?

Cooling fan is designed to come on only when A/C, defrost, or engine temperature exceeds 235 degrees