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i would bet the wiring on the ignition system is out of order. look up your firing order and try reconecting the spark plug wires again.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-28 18:38:41
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Q: Why might your car not start if you just replaced the plugs wires head gasket and distributor on your 94 civic dx?
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Why will a 1997 Plymouth voyager not get spark to the distributor after overhauling transaxel?

check your crank sensor it might need to be adjusted or replaced

Why will your 1992 Honda Accord Lx not start if you have replaced the distributor and tested the main relay fuel press and spark are ok?

if you have a computer in it the computer might be shot

2004 Monte Carlo overheats radiator replaced cooling sensor replaced cooling system flushed fans replaced thermostat replaced any suggestions on fixing problem?

you might want to check for a blown head gasket or a cracked head or block. espically if it loosing water out of the radiator with out leaking on the ground.

When you change a head gasket do you have to change the water pump and the thermostat also?

You might as well change the Thermostat because it is comparatively inexpensive, but test the water pump to see if it needs to be replaced.

Why is your 1982 Datsun 280zx jumping time?

that can be any number of things. 1 check or replace the distributor. 2 check your head gasket. 3 if its back firing it doesnt always mean u jumped timing, your exhaust manifold gasket could be bad and you might be getting exhaust fumes in your intake manifold. note- intake manifold and exhaust manifold share 1 gasket

Why is oil and antifreeze mix after head gasket was replaced?

is it just residue from where the gasket is gone?, if not there is a possibility that the head is cracked, was the head checked to make sure it was not warped? and pressure tested?, also you might have an additional problem, radiator blockage,thermostat stuck or if its the k series the dreaded ballbearing problem, each of these could cause the gasket to go again

How can i tell if a thermostat is replaced?

The only way, and maybe not even then, is to take it out. You might be able to guess if the thermostat housing has been taken apart by telltale signs of excess gasket sealer in the area.

When a test indicates a leaking thermostat housing gasket and it has to be replaced would you need to drain the cooling system before you can remove the thermostat housing?

No just make sure that the engine is cool. take the radiator cap off MAKE SURE ENGINE IS COOL... then you can take the thermostat housing off and replace the gasket you might have to replace the thermostat as the gasket might be an O ring around the Thermostat and not bought separatly. after your done fill up with water.

1995 s-10 blazer you replaced the radiator and the heater hose was leaking so you replaced it and it is still overheating?

Did you check the thermostat to make sure it is working? If it is and you have enough coolant, you might want to check for head gasket issue. You can rent a tester at Autozone. HTH

Why does my 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage De is losing power and shuts off when driving?

check your might have a bad distrib. o'ring or gasket,causing oil to leak inside of distributor and flooding your iginitor ,causing it to louse power and often does it happen. if not have someone or yourself check the fuel pump pressure.... good luck..............

What is a palindrome for of a citizen?

You might be looking for the word civic.

What causes brake chirping in a Honda civic?

the brakes probably got too hot, due to long and hard braking. Then it is possible that the brakes start to do that. The other problem might be that your brakepads are worn and have to be replaced.

What would cause the coil to quit pulsing on a 1992 dodge shadow?

If it has a distributor, it might be the pickup inside the distributor.

Why is water emulsifying with oil in your rover 416?

if you have have water mixing with the oil then your cylinder head gasket might need replaced if it is not overheating just give a good run, when the oil heats the water will evaperate

Your truck is using a lot of antifreeze you have replaced the head gasket and there is no antifreeze in the oil what could be the problem?

There might be a leak in the water pump, or in the radiator. Maybe even check the radiator hoses for cracks and leaks.

Valve cover gasket issues how does your car run when you think you have valve cover gasket problems?

Well you might need to provide a little more information. A car with a slow seep in the valve cover gasket ( Common with older cars ) Will generally run just fine, but it is best to get it replaced to prevent oil burning on the engine. A blown HEAD gasket however is a completely different story. Please add details for extended info.

Do 1994 Honda Civic seats fit into a 1990 Honda Civic?

they might need a little modification, but probably not much.

Honda crv 1998 model you have change the head gasket but still water goes to the engine oil what is the problem?

It IS possible that the new head gasket was not installed properly - either the gasket slipped or the head was not torqued down properly or in the proper sequence (don't feel bad it has happened MANY times to LOTS of other people) - OR - there is a crack in the block itself and the engine might have to be replaced.

Why doesn't 1996 vw jetta start when wet?

You might check the distributor cap - my 1997 Jetta would run very rough until I got into 2nd gear when the weather was damp or wet. I checked the distributor and not only was one of the connections loose, there was a crack in the cap. After I replaced was perfect in any weather.

What would cause my 2003 expedition to blow white smoke.?

sounds like it might be head gasket or intake gasket

Why is there water in the oil in 96 Chevy van 2500?

You have a bad head gasket(s). Good Luck. you might have a cracked head you can get them replaced check and see if you have oil in radiator if oil in the engine might not be any good anymore...i am going through same problem Probably a head gasket or cracked head or block. Head gaskets fail when the engine overheats and the head warps.

Is installation of an alternator in a 1988 Honda Civic DX the same a 1989 Honda Civic DX?

Might have slight differences. They are both in the 4th gen or EF class of civic. 88-91.

Can anyone tell me why my 1974 Corvette won't fire even after I've replaced the plugs and wires the condensor the rotor and distributor cap and the condensor?

On a 74 Corvette, there is a primary coil inside of the distributor that is usually the cause. I would assume that the engine turns over, but no fire. While you have the distributor apart, you might as well replace the secondary coil, located under the distributor plate too, because if this is the problem, you would have to tear the whole thing down again to fix it, and the parts do not cost that much.

Buick leasabre died and now is running rough sounds like its running rough?

you might have blown a head gasket,was the car hot when it died? was and is it blowing smoke more than normal, if so u might have blown a head gasket you might have blown a head gasket,was the car hot when it died? was and is it blowing smoke more than normal, if so u might have blown a head gasket or you might try your fuel pump relay switch, i`d try and get some codes first that's the short answer.

Your Pontiac sunfire gt still leaks oil with new timing cover gasket?

Might I suggest that either the leak was/is not at the timing cover gasket, or maybe something went wrong on the gasket install?