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Why must chemical equations always balance?

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Balancing Chemical Equations is absolutely essential if you want to determine quantities of reactants or products. An unbalanced chemical equation gives only the identify of the beginning reactants and the final products using the appropriate formulas as well as the conditions of temperature, physical state, and pressure conditions under which the reaction is to operate under.

However an unbalanced equation can say nothing about the quantities involved until the equation has been balanced. A balanced equation assures that the conservation law of matter is obeyed. The total mass of reactants must equal the total mass of products. A balanced equation tells you the proportional quantities of each substance involved.

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Why must you balance chemical equations?

to apply the law of conservation of mass

Why must chemical equations always balance what is the law?

The fundamental law is that 'matter can neither be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction'. This means that there has to be the same amount of matter on either side of the chemical equation, arranged differently, but the same number of atoms of each element involved in the reaction.

Why must a chemical equations be balanced?

Simply because - since matter cannot be created or destroyed - everything on the left of the equation must balance everything on the right. It's up to the student to work out how to balance the equation successfully.

Why must you balance equations?

To establish the law of conservation of mass.

Why balanced equations for Stoichiometry to work?

You must balance chemical equations out before converting because if you don't, you will write down a wrong mole value somewhere along the line when you convert between units.

Is chemical equations required to be balanced?

Yes, chemical equations must be balanced due to the law of conservation of matter/mass.

What is some advice for solving systems of equations?

Always keep the equation in balance inasmuch that what is done on the RHS must be done on the LHS of the equation.

Why must chemical reactions always balance?

Because if they did not matter would have to be created or destroyed and the universe will not allow that.

Which do you use to balance equations subscrips or coefficients?

Both. you must have the correct subscripts to represent the correct chemical then you only change the coefficients to balance the equation. The product of a coefficient and a subscript tells how many atoms are present.

Why is it essential to use balanced chemical equations when determining the quantity of a product fo?

It should represent a true chemical change. It should be balance it should be molecular all the reactant and product must be written in term of there respective chemical formula.

How do you balance a combustion reaction?

Combustion reaction equations balance the same way that any other chemical equation does. Every atom that appears on the left side of the equation must also appear on the right side of the equation. No atoms are created or destroyed in the process of a chemical reaction.

Why do we need to balance chemical equations?

We need to balance chemical equations to satisfy the law of conservation of mass. The number of each element must be the same in the products as in the reactants. 2H2+O2-->2H2O has 4 H atoms on both sides and 2 O atoms on both sides.

What is true about balancing equations?

The amount on one side of the '=' must balance the amount on the other.

Why must chemical equations must be balanced?

chemical equations must be balanced according to the law of conservation of mass: mass cannot be created or destroyed. In other words: it's impossible to have an unbalanced equation that is correct, so do what your teacher tells you to.

What is the basic rules to solve equations?

Whatever is done on one side of the equations must be done on the other side of the equation to keep it in balance.

What requirements must be fulfilled in chemical equations?

The same numbers and kinds of atoms in the reactants must be present in the products.

What des a chemical equation stand for?

chemical equations are used to find out how chemical compounds will react with each other since the equations must be balanced. unless you are talking about the chemical name for substances such as sodium chloride is NaCl. water is H2O etc.

Why is it important and necessary to balance a chemical equation?

It is important and necessary to balance a chemical equation because they must obey law of conservation of mass.

What must be on both sides to balance a chemical equation?

Chemical equations usually do not come already balanced. Making sure they are balanced must be done before the equation can be used in any chemically meaningful way.A balanced equation has equal numbers of each type of atom on each side of the equation.

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