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It is the laying down of legal rules, needed for safety in the workplace etc.

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Q: Why need for legislation at workplace?
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What legislation covers the temperature of a workplace?

In the US, there is no legislation that addresses the temperature of a workplace, unless you consider the General Duty Clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

One piece of legislation governing the workplace in the Caribbean?

The Workplace Relations Act 1996, those parts of the social security law and other legislation that is currently administered in the Employment and Workplace Relations Portfolio. This section also provides information on Employment and Workplace Relations bills that have been introduced into the Parliament.

Why legislation is important in the workplace?

Its there to keep people safe while they are working.

What legislation exists to protect you against harassment in the workplace?

Equal Opportunities Act :)

What is one piece of legislation governing the work place?

rules governing the workplace

What legislation and regulations cover hygiene in the workplace?

In the US, the Occupational Safety and Health Act covers workplace hygiene.In countries that have them, the Health and Safety laws.

What has the author Brian L McDermott written?

Brian L. McDermott has written: 'Religion in the workplace' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Religion in the workplace

Why must regulations and legislation be followed in the scientific workplace to ensure safe working practice and what are they?

The safety regulations that ensure safe working practice in the scientific workplace are OSHA, NFPA and NIOSH. Regulations and legislation must be followed in the scientific workplace because a person must know how to handle chemicals, what to do if there is an emergency and how to safely dispose of them.

What is legislation in Australia which aims to protect culturally diverse clients and colleagues in the workplace?

anti discrimination act

Why current regulations and legislation exist and are required in the scientific workplace to ensure safe working practice?


What is the purpose of legislation in business?

Legislation can affect business in many ways. From workplace laws dealing with employer/employee relationships, legislation creating taxes that business must pay, product safety legislation, OH&S legislation and Fair Trade legislation just to name a few. So the purpose of legislation n business is really dependent on what specific legisation you mean..

What are the responsibilities of a Workplace Health and Safety Representative?

The responsibilities of a Workplace Health and Safety Representative can vary widely and depend on what each organization or legislation designating such a position determines to be those responsibilities.

What are the four popular variables in contingency approach?

Organization size Workplace diversity Technological Change Government and Legislation

What is a current piece of Australian legislation that has relevance to the workplace and a companys ability to reach efficiency targets?

the north place

What is the current legislation regarding health and safety in the IT environment?

In the US there is no legislation regarding health and safety in the IT environment. There is general legislation regarding health and safety in the workplace - the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, and regulations that were issued under its authority.

What is the objective of health and safety legislation?

The object of Occupational Health and Safety legislation is to establish minimum acceptable levels of safety and health conditions in the workplace and to create a mechanism for ensuring they are met.

What areas need to be maintained in a workplace?

All parts of a workplace should be adequately maintained.

What has the author Lucy Vickers written?

Lucy Vickers has written: 'Protecting whistleblowers at work' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Whistle blowing, Employee rights, Job security 'Religious freedom, religious discrimination and the workplace' -- subject(s): Freedom of religion, Law and legislation, Religion in the workplace, Religion

What is misconduct in the workplace?

Misconduct in the workplace can be anything that violates the rules of an organization, factory, or business. Each company has its own rules that need to be followed. There are also Federal rules that need to be followed in the workplace.

How can you ensure that hazardous dangerous and non confirming waste is clearly labelled?

Hazardous, dangerous and non-conforming waste is clearly identified and handled in accordance with workplace policies and procedures as well as relevant legislation, and these wastes must be clearly labelled in accordance with job requirements, workplace policies and procedures and relevant legislation.

What has the author Eric M Roher written?

Eric M. Roher has written: 'Violence in the workplace' -- subject(s): Employers' liability, Industrial safety, Law and legislation, Violence in the workplace 'An educator's guide to the role of the principal' -- subject(s): Educational law and legislation, Legal status, laws, School principals

How would you gather information on workplace safety?

That depends on what kind of workplace it is and what kind of information you need.

What do you do in the event of a bomb scare in the workplace?

In the event of a bomb scare in the workplace, you will need to evacuate the building.

What has the author Martin F Payson written?

Martin F. Payson has written: 'Avoiding workplace litigation' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Actions and defenses, Discrimination in employment, Labor laws and legislation

What has the author Jochen Lessmann written?

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