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Why on a 99 Chev Lumina are high mount brake light working signals and 4ways but not brake lights?


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probably your blinker switch (multi-accessory switch). The high mount brake light is wired directly from the switch on the pedal but the rear two lights are wired through the pedal switch and then through the the blinker switch on the steering column. Almost all of those blinker switches go bad.


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First check the flashers fuse .Then replace the flasher with a good one. There might be two-one for turn signals and one for 4ways. Or they could be one.

There are separate flasher relays for the hazard lights and turn signals. The flasher relay may be out on your blinkers. The relay for the hazards is behing the fuse box. The relay for the blinkers is behind the lower dash panel to the right of the steering column.

BNC connectors, Ts, barrel, 4ways, and the all important terminator.

If the vehicle is going under 15mph and has its 4ways on then yes except for interstates

Up under the dash over the steering column there are two flashers and the lower one is for the 4ways

find all the fuses near the brake pedal. for my car i have to take off one wing nut and then you just pull the plastic down. before doing this turn your 4ways on and try to follow the sound.

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I own an 89, so they should be set up the same. There are two separate flashers for the 4ways and turn signals. The 4way flasher shoud be clipped under the dash on the driver side and the turn signal flasher is plugged in under the dash on the firewall, also on the driver side.

The flasher relay is under the steering column.........the 4ways and the left and right turn is all in the same unit.

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