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Why people follow fashion?

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People follow fashion because it is a form of art just as music and dancing. Art allows you to put your stamp on life. ***<WHO IS REMY LEO?>***

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People follow fashion for many reasons. Teens and others follow fashion to keep up with the latest trends. Some follow fashion just because they like fashion. Some do because they want to see what the latest fashions are. Others want to find new fashions to add to their wardrobes. Still others want to be in style with each changing season. Others have other reasons.

In the fashion world trends can change in a moment. People like to follow trends of their favorite fashion stars, musician or actors. Leaders of the fashion world know this and give new trends to celebrities to wear then people follow suit.

yes there just like u and me

Anybody can buy a fashion Magazine. But usually, people who follow the trends, as in, teenage girls, and uptown women and men and people involved in the fashion industry, or indirectly affected by it.

Dude don't follow fashion, make it follow you.

No one needs to. It is up to them if they want to.

Let me ask you this: why do adults tend to follow fashion trends?

Near about 45% population follow fashion clothes in india

For me the duties of a fashion designer, you must be a very creative person with an eye for style. Fashion designers are people who conceptualize and create outfits that clothing companies will sell to consumers. They follow current fashion trends and determine what people will consider stylish and fashionable.

I will tell you the truth that Chinese fashion is always follow the fashion in USA ,Korea and other's.

If a student is not fashionable, other people don't like to make friends with him/her. What do you think of this fact?

Every one wants to show the good aspects to the others. Fashion can do.

Famous people who young people or older people look up to as if they should be respected. A famous person has the "right" to set a fashion trend without looking silly, after this trend is set, many other famous people will follow. After this, civilians will follow, naturally looking up to the famous people in which they rely on and look up to.

Because if you don't follow fashion trends, you're not cool. You will be ostracized.

Ordinary as well) The style depends on tastes and age. But Azerbaijanis like to look stylish. and many people follow fashion trends.

Whenever we see fashion magazines, we feel the need to fulfill the 'new fashion'. So therefore, we always follow fashion in the magazines. represent.

Dress how YOU like, and let people follow. Don't get discouraged if someone tells you its ugly, its how YOU like to dress. not them :)

Fashion Palette is a blog on Fashion and decor and things surrounding that. Fashion Palette was just made this last fall. Two girls started it in September. You can follow the blog at

WELL IT LIKE god means to me love faith and compassion, i don't know why people have to follow the fashion,

People that are influenced by fashion are people who love to help people with problems in their style.

Fashion forecast is when people tell what the latest fashion is or what it could be.

Fashion is something that is mostly changed or influenced by the film industry of the country. In India, the Bollywood stars influence the fashion and the fans follow them blindly.

Fashion babies are people who were born into fashion either by their parents being fashion freaks, or they are born into fashion at birth.

someone who educates people on fashion

There was not that much fashion in medieval times compared to how much fashion there is now. Only the rich and kinds could afford the nice clothes. Edward made a law that only the royal people were allowed to wear cloth of gold and purple silk if they didn't follow