Why people give gifts to each other on Christmas?

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Because you have to celebrate cristmas.
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Why is Christmas celebrated by people greeting each other Happy Christmas?

Answer . The phrase " Happy Christmas" is a British expression, and in other parts of the English speaking world it is "Merry Christmas".. In either case the sentiment is to wish the other person an "enjoyable holiday".. Answer . People say Happy Christmas because they want their family and ( Full Answer )

Why do you give Christmas presents to each other?

We do this to represent the three kings giving presents of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to Jesus when he was born. We also do this to show other people that they are special to us.

Why do you give presents to each other at Christmas?

Some reasons presents are given at Christmas are: . We give gifts as a symbolic gesture of remembering the gifts that were given to Jesus by the Magi as well as in thanks to God for the gift of Jesus. More importantly, God gave His only son (Jesus Christ) so that we can live with Him in heaven som ( Full Answer )

Why do people give gifts on Christmas day?

we give gifts on Christmas day to celebrate jesus's birthday cuz The reason is that the creator of the universe has given a very special gift to you: the first Christmas gift.The gifts we give are a recognition of His spirit of giving, even though our gifts cannot compare to what He gave us. Christ ( Full Answer )

What started Christmas gift giving?

That would have to be the three wise men who brought the baby Jesus gifts of frankincense and mirh. I think that giving gifts at Christmas is a way of representing the gift of life, as Jesus' birthday is on Christmas Day.

Why do people give gifts on Christmas?

People give gifts on Christmas because Jesus Christ gave us the ultimate gift in dying on the cross for our sins. Hope this helps.

Why do people give gifts at Christmas?

it is nice to give a gift when you do you feel good inside and sometimes your the one getting gifts. i was always told its better to give than recive and i think thats right

What gift do fools get each other?

A rubber chicken, something silly that pertains to them or something they have done. Maybe if you have footage of them from various times or pictures make a CD of them or collage in a frame, a silly picture of you both or them on a tshirt - it really depends on your sense of humours, relationship, a ( Full Answer )

What is a gift you Could give others?

If i had a week of give gift out to others. I will give a million dollar to every homeless person. So they can get back on there feet so they can get health. I will treat all the young kids to feild trip to CC's pizza, zoo, and King's Dominion. In show them the right way of wizdam and sprots man shi ( Full Answer )

When did people start to give names to each other?

This goes back to man's beginning. In the Bible, a book that goes back a very long way, it records that Adam, in the garden of Eden, gave his wife her name. (Genesis 3:20)

What gifts can you give to a teenager for Christmas?

Uggs . Scarf . Perfume/Cologne . Nail polish kits / manicure sets . Athletic jerseys . Fishing pole . New jacket . Nice socks . DVDs . iTunes cards/iPod . Camping gear . Shaving gift sets / electric razor . Video games . Tech toys (like a drone, remote helicopter) . Kindle Fire . ( Full Answer )

When do they give Christmas gifts in Australia?

This depends on personal family traditions. The majority of Australian people open their gifts on Christmasmorning. However, in communities where there are strong ties toEuropean homelands (e.g. The German Lutherans), many people givetheir gifts on Christmas Eve. Families with Finnish heritage often ( Full Answer )

Do people in Ireland give away Christmas gifts?

Some people would. If it is something they don't want or need, many charities will take those items and give them to people who can use them. Most people will keep their gifts though.

Do polish people have any gift giving traditions for Christmas?

Yes, they do. On the Christmas Eve after eating a meal (made of 12 different dishes!) they are going to open the gifts that were put under the Christmas Tree. It's on the 24th of December, in the evening. Actually the whole celebration should start when the first star appears on the sky.

Who gives gifts on Christmas?

Answer Santa Claus or Father Christmas Answer Friends, family, neighbours, boyfriend, girlfriend, Husband or Wife, all give gifts at Christmas.

Does Scotland give gifts for Christmas?

Yes, the majority of Scottish people are Christian and celebrate Christmas as the main religious occasion (you absolute moron). It is increasingly popular to share gifts with family and friends, even with strangers, at Christmas time. Scotland however has a vibrant and exciting cultural and ethnic s ( Full Answer )

Why do people give each other flowers?

to show people they love them. or for special occasions plays, musicals, b-days anaversieries or to say your sorry. Or for sympothy

Does China give gifts at Christmas?

No, China does not give gifts at Christmas. This is becauseChristmas Day is not an official holiday in China.

What do people get for each other in Hanukkah for Christmas?

This question makes no sense. It sounds like you're asking what to get people (who celebrate Hanukkah) for Christmas. People who celebrate Hanukkah do not want Christmas presents. They do not celebrate Christmas.

What are some gifts people give on christmas in the US?

Anything from warm socks to iPods. Warm clothing, gift cards to big stores like Best Buy or Nordstroms, Christmas decorations and ornaments. Electronics, and little shaving kits and gadgets that a working person can use every day like a coffee mug for the car or a leather wallet. No matter your budg ( Full Answer )

What do you give a man as a Christmas gift?

It really depends on your relationship with the man. You would not always give your father the same things you would give your husband. Mainly, just give them something they are interested in. Things they can interact with are usually good. Some examples of gifts that I picked up for my guys this y ( Full Answer )

Why do people receive gifts on Christmas?

This is a debatable question, but there are many different views on this. 1. 3 wise men gave gifts to Jesus in Bethlehem 2 Jesus gave his life for the world so that people could go to heaven. 3. St. Nicholas was so jolly and what not that he gave gifts to children and blah blah blah idk the ( Full Answer )

Are you allowed to give away gifts from other people?

In days past, unwanted gifts ended up in the attic. However, inmany cases you can "regift" the item to someone else who mayappreciate it. If you do this, you should label the gift when youget it so you don't gift the original giver.

Do Jews give each other gifts at Passover?

Yes . Passover is a Jewish festival which calls for gala celebration with family and friends. It is a regular practice to give and take Passover gifts to and from Seder feasts. After all, it is a grand celebration marked with a grand dinner and what could be better than attractive Passover gifts ( Full Answer )

When at Christmas do the Spanish give gifts?

If by Spanish you mean anybody of Latin American or Central American nationality, in most cases, we exchange gifts during Christmas Eve. However, it depends on how they have been raised. I know many Puerto Rican families that because of their affiliation with the states, they celebrate the 25th and ( Full Answer )

Why do people give gift on Christmas Day?

People give gifts on Christmas because Jesus Christ gave us the ultimate gift in dying on the cross for our sins. . Some people believe that because Saint Nick gives gifts we give gifts to celebrate the joy of giving. and we give to say Jesus gave us the greatest gift so accept him and I my heart ( Full Answer )

What is the best gift to give during Christmas?

The best gift to give during Christmas is something that money cannot buy. It's not even for sale at any shopping center and it is free. Know what it is? Love is the best gift ever and you can give it to anyone.

What food to give for Christmas gift?

Chocolate is a very popular christmas gift as is ginger bread and mince pies. Candy canes are also associated with christmas but are a bit too small for a gift. Fruit cakes decorated with marzipan and thick icing are a very traditional gift for christmas, especially when decorated with a piece of ho ( Full Answer )

Why do people give gifts to others on Christmas?

Gifts at Christmas are symbolic of the gift of grace Jesus gave to us through his sacraficial death on the cross. It's also symbolic of the 'love thy neighbor as thyself' message God gives to us through Jesus.

What gifts did people give each other during the Depression?

Sometimes children would receive only one toy to share, or one simple toy each if they were lucky. Some years, they received only fruit (such as oranges) for Christmas gifts, or perhaps a pair of socks. It's hard for people who did not live through the depression to believe, but that is how poor man ( Full Answer )

Did Medieval people give gifts for Christmas?

The Christmas holiday was a much longer, and more deeply religiousholiday in Medieval times. That said, people did participate insome sort of gift giving during their celebrations, though itvaried greatly by class. Rich landowners and noblepeople were known for showering friendsand loved ones with ( Full Answer )

Why do people give so many Christmas gifts?

People give Christmas gifts for a variety of reasons. First, the Christmas holiday is meant to celebrate the birth of Christ, and gifts are traditionally part of a birthday celebration. Second, retail advertising has lead to more and more gifts given at Christmastime as a physical showing of love ( Full Answer )

Do Mormons give gifts at Christmas?

Yes. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(the "Mormon" church) celebrate Christmas and follow the samecustoms that are common in their nation or culture, which usuallyincludes gift giving. If you'd like to learn more about Mormons beliefs about Christmas,check out the 'Related ( Full Answer )

Why do people give gifts at Christmas and how does it relate to the holiday?

The history of festivities and giving gifts dates back to theAncient Rome's Saturnalia festivities, held during the last tendays of december. When Christianity became the Roman Empire's Statereligion, the early Church fathers wanted to incorporate these verypopular pagan festivities in the Christian ( Full Answer )