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Committing to sustainability, contributing to garden sanitation, decreasing environmental pollution and greenhouse gases, honoring pioneer lifestyles in technology-driven societies, improving soils and soil food webs, recycling nutrient-rich materials, and reducing landfill inputs are reasons why people should compost their vegetables. Vegetables fulfill green, nitrogen-rich categories to be alternated with brown, carbon-rich contributions to compost bins, heaps, and pits. They help produce dark-colored, fresh-smelling, nutrient-rich organic matter known as humus within a year and therefore reduce household expenses for amendments, fertilizers, mulches, and soils as well as worldwide assault by the greenhouse gases from landfills and the pollution from the proliferation of non-organic contaminants, pollutants or toxins.

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it gets rotten and old

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Q: Why people should compost their vegetables?
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What is made from rotten vegetables and is used as soil?


What are the two types of ingredients you can compost?

vegetables and fruits

what material are biomass And become compost?

old vegetables

How does one grow vegetables?

In a vegetable garden with compost and seeds.

Should Compost be full of Bugs and Roaches?

Commercial compost should be sterile so if bought compost the answer is no.

Will conventional vegetables contaminate organic compost with pesticides?

no The young plants will not contaminate the compost the pesticides that contaminate must be applied after planting.

Does compost grow flowers?

I have had luck with compost. But it depends what is in the compost, like in mine I had egg shells,and other vegetables.

What percent of new compost should be old compost?

There is no need to mix old and new compost. Old compost ,if ready, should be used on its own. New material will take time to rot down to compost.

Is a new material made when you compost vegetables grass and leaves?

yes there is you cat head

What foods decompose quickest in a compost heap?

Vegetables are the food items that compost the quickest. Leaves, plants and trimmings can decompose within six months at most. This contrasts with avocado and peach stones and with cabbage and sprout stems that will take more than three years.

What types of garbage can be used for compost?

Organic compounds, such as old, rotten vegetables and fruits are best.

What type of crops grow in compost?

Fruits and vegetables are the crops which grow in compost. Crops benefit from soil amendments, fertilizers, and mulches. Dark-colored, fresh-smelling, nutrient-rich compost serves all three purposes.