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Q: Why pharmaceutical company avoid to make cemented Over head tank of water?
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What happens to the water when it fall on cemented ground?

when water falls on a cemented ground the cemented ground can't absorve water much and the water flows away.

What is the pH of waste water pharmaceutical industry?

ph level of waste water from pharmaceutical industry

What are the pharmaceutical use of purified and distilled water?

All processes in the pharmaceutical industry uses strictly controlled demineralized or distilled water.

Pieces of rock can settle from water and get cemented into?

Sedimentary Rock

Sedimentary rock can be made when sediment is pressed and cemented together by what dissolved in water?


What are lined canals?

the ditch in the ground and cemented from inside to stop the salinity and water.

What types of water are used in pharmaceutical products?

cheedos breack

If 65 percent of the land mass in San Antonio is paved in cement how will this affect the water cycle in this city?

Yes, because if lands are cemented, the precipitation falls on cement and would lessen the storage of water in the ocean and if people overuse the left behind water, there will be a scarcity of water since we cannot use all the waters of the world. If lands are cemented, there will be lesser chances of evaporation.

Why is it important to use deionized water?

In some fields of research and production is extremely important to avoid external contamination (from water, other reagents, environment, etc.): pharmaceutical industry, preparation of vaccines, semiconductors industry, preparation of ultra-pure materials, physical and chemical determination of physical/chemical properties, etc.

What are compressed and cemented together to form sedimentary rock?

sediment is compressed together by minerals dissolved in water.

Which type of rock is formed when layers of rock partials carried by wind and water are compressed and cemented together?


Why is pure water not suitable for drinking?

Pure Water(pharmaceutical grade) does not have all of the nutrients in it that is necessary for humans to consume.

What happens when mud or silt is buried and water and air are squeezed out?

The mineral grains in the mud or silt can become cemented together by precipitating minerals which are formed as the fluid escapes, in a process called cementation. Once the particles are cemented together, sedimentary rock is formed.

What is the pH of waste water from pharmaceutical industry?

This depends on the technological process involved.

What is the pH in waste water from pharmaceutical industries?

This depends on the technological process involved.

What is Toronto doing to monitor pharmaceutical waste in municipal waste water?


What is function of deionized water?

Deionized water is an ultrapure water used in laboratories, industry of pharmaceutical drugs, electronic materials industry, etc.

Sediment in water often become solid rock when?

When it is deposited, covered by additional sediments, compressed, and cemented together by minerals.

What do hydrophobic molecules avoid?

Hydrophobic molecules avoid water. Strictly speaking, they do not attract water, and therefore water will avoid them, since it is more attracted to other molecules or to itself.

What are the pharmaceutical uses of oxalic acid?

The pharmaceutical uses of Oxalic Acid is to prepare organic acids. Oxalic Acids are important for the metabolism. The water solubility is important in breaking down fatty acids.

How can one avoid water in the basement?

One of the best ways to avoid water in the basement is to avoid water outside of your house as it may sink in through cracks and holes in the wall and into your basement.

How is conglomerate formed?

It is formed because of cemented rounded fragments of water-worn rocks or pebbles, bound by a siliceous or argillaceous substance

What sedimentary rock is weathered by wind and water and the rock breaksdown int sediments If the sediments become cemented what type of rockwould it be?


What types of rock are form when layers of rock particles carried by wind and water are compressed and cemented together?


Precautions taken to avoid water pollution in the locality?

what are the precaution taken to avoid water pollution