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All processes in the pharmaceutical industry uses strictly controlled demineralized or distilled water.

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Q: What are the pharmaceutical use of purified and distilled water?
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Can you use purified water in batteries?

No, use only Distilled Water.

What kind of water to use in humidifier for oxygen therapy?

Distilled or purified water will do!

What is purified water used for?

Purified water is used for many applications, including: laboratory testing, laser cutting, and automotive use, the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, the commercial beverage industry, deionised and distilled water is used in lead-acid batteries.

Is distilled a lipid?

No. The term "distilled" is an adjective used to refer to a substance that has been purified by boiling it to separate it from less volatile impurities. For example chemistry labs often use distilled water.

Can you put purified water in a battery?

You can put purified water into a car battery, but it is better to use distilled water (not the same thing). 'Purified' simply refers to the absence or removal of contaminants which are harmful to humans, not batteries, so purified water will usually still contain trace minerals, etc. which can possibly cause harm to your battery.You can get distilled water cheaply at just about any grocery store (sometimes found in the pharmacy section).

Should you use tap what or distilled water when replacing car radiator fluid what is the difference?

You should use distilled water in all appliances where water is heated. Tap water contains mineral salts that get deposited on heating elements and within pipes. Distilled water is purified to remove these things and this lengthens the life of the equipment.

Can purified water be used in humidifiers?

You must use distilled water in a breathing machine whenever possible. Purified water and other types of water have minerals that over time, will clog up the machine.

What preparations are associated with colonic irrigation?

Preparations. Most practitioners prefer that distilled or purified water is used for colonic irrigation, but others use sterilized tap water.

Why do analysts use distilled water in preparing laboratory solutions?

Analysts use pure water so they know exactly what is in the solution. These days they are more likely to use water purified by deionization.

What is the difference of distilled water mineralized water and purified water?

AnswerThe Difference between purified water and distilled water is that purified water has been filtered to certain specifations depending on whoever or whatever is filtering the water. It may include different minerals that naturally exist in water. Distilled water is what scientist use to do experiments or what you would put into your iron. Distilled water contains absolutely nothing else. It is Pure H2O and when boiled or steamed will leave behind no impurities or minerals. Distilled water can actually kill you if you drink too much of it. Because of its property of having nothing else to it, it will cause an imbalance in your cells swell and burst. It has the opposite but same effect of drink sea water. It will dehydrate you. But it is perfect for scientific or cleaning purposes. Not for drinking!

Can purified water be used in place of distilled water?

Battery charging depletes hydrogen ions in both lead-acid batteries and Edison batteries. This reduces the liquid levels, because the hydrogen turns to a gas and dissipates into the atmosphere. This needs to be replaced with distilled water. When the hydrometer indicates the acid density has dropped below 1.2 (20% heavier than water) then the acid needs to be replaced in the battery.

How do you use the word purified in a sentence?

The water was purified before they drank it. Purified water is the only water they drink.