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Why pine trees have needle like leaves?


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The leaves of pine trees are needle-like.

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Pine trees will always have needle shaped leaves, they stay like this forever. The "needle shaped leaves" are called pine needles. Most pine trees belong to a group of trees called Evergreens. Like it's name, the tree is evergreen.

because the geographical regions where the pine trees are growing would not allow them to have broad leaves and they have to conserve water also. In addition needle like leaves of the pine trees increase the photosynthetic surface area of these plants.

Evergreens or conifers like, pine, cedar, hemlock, spruce and fir trees.

Evergreen trees such as Pine, Spruce and Cedar.

The answer would be pine trees or any other plants that have pine needles

Evergreens or conifers like, pine, cedar, hemlock, spruce and fir trees.

Conifers are trees such as Pine and Spruce, with long and needle-like leaves.They keep their green leaves year round.

Softwood trees are any trees that have needle-like leaves, like pine trees, fir, redwood, or cedar. Hardwoods come from trees with broad leaves. Both varieties can be found almost anywhere worldwide.

Pine trees modify the leaves to needle like structure so that the snow slips on it.It modifies the stomata to decrease the transpiration of water.

No, pine trees do not have leaves. They have pine needles that have a waxy coat on them. People refer to them as pine leaves sometimes, but that isn't what they are.

they are pointy and a pine needle?

No. Conifers are trees like pine trees. Deciduous trees are the trees that have leaves and lose them during Autumn.

No, Pine Trees have pine needles, not leaves

Pine trees have needle shaped leaves but Holly leaves are naturally coated with wax.

It has needle-like leaves to reduce water loss through transpiration. It has a sloping shape to prevent accumulation of snow.

Yes - the 'needles' of pine trees are their actual leaves.

Pine cones are produced by pine trees. These are coniferous trees with needle like leaves that are not totally shed in the winter season. The cone that is common to the tree is part of its reproductive cycle Acorns are found in Oak trees. These are a hard wood deciduous tree with leaves that it generally loses during the winter. Again, the acorn is part of the reproduction of the tree.

Pine trees do not lose their leaves in Autumn. They are tall trees that have string like leaves and have cones on them. The cone are called 'Pine cones'. The look relatively the same all round the year.

when do pine trees shed their leaves

Pine trees bear clusters of leaves, called "needles," or "pine needles," in clusters.

Yes. They are needle leaf trees just like spruces, firs, hemlocks, larches, cedars, and many others. You can usually tell a pine tree because they will have longer leaves (maybe 3 to 9 inches) than the other needle leaf trees and they are anganged in bundles of 2-5, depending on the species.

it is like a bunch of pine trees, or trees that don't lose their leaves. deciduous forests consist of trees that lose their leaves, like maple...

Because they have needle-like leaves to help them survive. oh just in case you were wondering,a 10 year old typed this

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