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Q: Why receive no channels using digital converter?
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What channels does the digital converter box receive?

You'll have to contact your cable service provider for this information.USA You will only get your local broadcast stations, like ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, etc. Elsewhere In some countries digital television and radio is available using several alternative delivery systems:* cable * satellite * online via the Internet * terrestrial "free-to-air" broadcast systems, such as 'Freeview' and 'DAB Radio' in the UK. Some channels are free-to-view or to listen-to as radio stations. Others must be paid-for. The channels you will receive on a digital converter box depends on the system you subscribe-to, the channels they offer, and the channels you pay for.

How can you convert the digital to analog or analog to digital?

We can convert digital signal to analog by using DAC i.e Digital to Analog Converter and analog signal to digital signal by using ADC i.e Analog to Digital Converter.

Which tv's need converter box?

TV's only need a converter box if they previously are using antennas to get channels. Otherwise, TV's won't need one at all. Remember: if you are using antennas, be sure to get a converter box before June of 2009. (That is when all TV's will be going digital.) Tv's that do not have a ATSC Digital Tuner will need a converter box to watch over the air broadcast television. And the TRUTH is that some translator stations and low power stations will not change until later. FULL POWER Stations will go to digital on 06-12-2009.

How many channels can you receive using a dish versus an antenna?

The number of channels you receive will be based on your location. Generally speaking you will receive many more channells with the dish.

What are some disadvantages of using a TV digital converter box?

One disadvantage is that the ability to record one programme whilst watching another programme at the same time is not possible when using a digital converter box.

Problem with your TV and the converter box?

To connect a digital TV converter box, follow these steps:1. Disconnect antenna from TV2. Connect antenna to antenna connection on Converter box.3. Connect an antenna cable from the converter box to the TV's antenna connection.4. Turn the TV to channel 3, turn on the converter box, and follow the setup menu from the converter box to search for channels.5. Keep the TV on channel 3, and change channels using the remote control for the converter box.

What is the purpose of a digital converter?

A digital converter converts the analog signals that are received by your TV to digital signals. Most TV providers only offer digital TV these days, so you only need it if you're still using analog.

How does Freesat Channels work?

Freesat is a digital satellite television provider available in the United Kingdom. Freesat's free-to-air channels can be received using any standard digital satellite.

Why does the sound on some cable channels go in and out?

This depends on how you receive these channels that this happens on. If you receive them via the tuner in the TV: 1. It may be the channel from the broadcasters, or cable provider. 2. It may be the tv tuner going out/drifting. If you receive them via a Settop Box STB (cable converter): 1. If you are using HDMI it is likely that the communication between the STB and TV via HDMI is faulty, or version mismatched 1.2 to 1.3a (some TV manufacturers have a firmware/software patch that you can use to correct this). 2. If you have a STB that has Dolby digital setting, make sure it is turned off.

How do you convert an analog TV to HDTV?

One can convert an analog TV to HDTV by using a set top box or digital analog tuner converter box. One does require a HD ready TV though to be able to watch the HD channels.

Is the digital converter a necessity for the home?

If you have cable or sattlelite hook up at your home, you really do not need a digital converter. If you only are using rabbit ears, you really would need a digital conterter box, so you would be able to watch TV.

Do you still need a antenna using a digital converter box?

Yes, you will need an antenna to pick up the digital signal through the air.

Do HD channels show on SDTV?

Generally not. The signal is of a different type but you can get a set top box converter to downgrade the signal to SDTV levels. They're costly (Around $200, give or take) and you might just be better off using that money for a digital set.

Do you have to have a digital converter box?

No, you should not need a digital converter box anymore (unless you are still using an old analog television). Most digital televisions sold are capable of receiving both digital signals and the few remaining analog signals (permitted for very low power stations only at this time).

Do I need a digital TV converter?

Digital convertor boxes are meant for those who do not have newer TV sets with digital tuners built-in. The need for these came a few years ago with the digital changeover from the old analog signals. If you have cable or satellite as a provider, you do not need a converter at all. If you are currently using antenna TV and can actually see shows, then you do not need a box, you have a digital tuner already.

Can digital audio output connect to digital optical audio input?

A coaxial digital output (usually an RCA jack) can connect to a digital optical input using a coaxial to optical digital converter. This is a small box that goes in between the two products.

How can one convert old films to digital files?

Old films can easily be converted to digital files by using a digital media converter. These can be downloaded from deskshare or gold-software for free or a small licensing fee.

Do you need a digital antenna using a digital converter box?

All antennas are the same as far as receiving a signal. There are some antennas built for converter boxes that have a rotor (to better aim the antenna) and built in amplifier to boost the signal coming down the coax cable (something I strongly recommend) and use a special cable to connect to the converter box.

How do you watch TV in your desktop PC?

Channels can be received either over the air using an antenna or through cable from your cable TV provider. Make sure which signals you can receive in your araa. Then you need purchase a digital tv tuner card. such as TBS Series tv card.

What is the definition of digital device?

The definition of a digital device is an electronic device that processes its operations using individual distinct and separate digits and numbers. Digital devices can send, receive, process and store digital information.

Can you adapt your analog TV for digital?

You can adapt your analog TV by using a digital converter, which you should be able to find fairly easily among the big TV names, such as comcast, verizon, and fios.

If a TV is able to show DVDs without a converter does that mean that a converter is not necessary to receive over-the-air digital TV signals also?

There are several answers to this question, depending on the type of television being used. Almost all televisions on sale today are HD ready, which means they can handle HD signals. Any of these televisions will also handle standard definition signals as well. If the DVD is standard definition, being fed to an HD television, then it will be displayed using the television's built in converter or scaler. Likewise, any external receiver that delivers SD signals can successfully display their output on the same television. If the source is high definition, BluRay discs or HD off air channels for example, then the television must be an HD ready model to display it without a separate down converter. Built in receivers will have various capabilities, so it is important to check the manual to see what signals the television can receive and display.

Can you convert a TV to digital TV?

It is not possible to convert an analog television to a digital television. However, by using a digital set top receiver, it is possible to receive digital signals and deliver them as an analog signal to an analog television. Digital receivers are not expensive, starting at around $25 in US and £20 in the UK. They will allow all terrestrial channels to be received in the same way that a digital television will. Cable and satellite receivers can also receive digital signals and will provide an analog output that can be used with older televisions. With these options, there is no need to replace analog televisions right away. Remember that analog only televisions will not be HD so don't expect a sudden increase in picture quality when the digital receivers are used.

Which device converts a digital signal to text?

A: If the signal is analogue then an ADC analogue to converter is required. The output will be in a digital form and that can be decoded and displayed as readout using LEDS or any other visual media

I have bssic cable basic programing with the calble connected directly into tv without cable box. would I need a cable converter box to to recieve digital programing ?

No you will be fine. The new cable converter boxes are for people who are using antennas (or some people call them rabbit ears) to receive a signal. These people will no longer be able to pick up this signal. If you television is able to connect to cable, it is okay.