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Why rivers in hilly region do not form delta?

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Where are delta rivers located at?

River deltas form where rivers meet the sea.

Do peninsular rivers form delta or estuary?


Rivers from world which form delta?

Yes, the Nile River has a delta in north-east Egypt.

Which of the rivers in India doesn't form a delta?

Tapti and Godavari

Why some of the earth's rivers have no delta?

Because deltas takes millions of years to form and young and new rivers won't of fro ed a delta yet

Which rivers form the Ganges delta?

The Ganges, Irrawadddy and Brahmaputra River

Which two rivers form the worlds largest delta?

Ganga and Brahmaputra

What lies at the mouth of a river?

Some rivers deposit silt at the mouth which form a 'delta'. The Nile has a good example of a river delta.

What rivers form the largest delta in the world?

The world's largest delta is the Ganges/Brahmaputra Delta which is formed at the mouth of the Ganges where it is joined by the Brahmaputra as they flow into the Bay of Bengal.

Name 2 rivers which form a large delta?

river ganga and river nile

How do lakes and rivers form a delta?

The water level in most lakes and rivers will vary depending on season and amount of rain etc. There will usually be a delta if there at some point was more water than there is now.

Which of the following rivers does not form any delta at its mouth Cauvery Mahanadi Godawari Tapti?


What is islands that form at the rivers mouth as the speed of the water current slows and sediment accumulates?


What are the names of the rivers that flow through Bangladesh?

Ganges; Brahmaputra; MeghnaThese 3 rivers come together to form a larger delta area that makes up most of Bangladesh. This is called the Ganges-Brahmaputra River Delta, or just simply the Ganges Delta.

How is Bangladesh a delta of the river Ganges?

Ganges flows through Bangladesh in the name of Padma. The many strems that originate from the combined discharge of rivers Ganga and Brahmaputra, in the name of Meghna, form delta near its mouth leading into the Bay of Bengal, and this region covers major potion of Bangladesh is a delta of the Ganges.

What are the comparative and superlative form of hilly?

Hillier is the comparative form of hilly. Hilliest is the superlative form.

Can rivers split into two or only join?

As tributaries form to enlarge the river, distributaries form if there is a delta, but few rivers divide compared to those that only have smaller rivers contributing to them. No, they dont separate into separate watercourses.

Difference between a tributary and a delta?

A tributary is small streams or rivers that join to form a larger one. A delta is where a river ends and merges with a larger body of water.

Which river delta is in the US?

The Mississippi river delta is one of the largest of many, most rivers that end up flowing into a large body of water , form deltas.

What are the rivers in India that do not form a delta on the west coast of India?

western ghats are made up of solid rocks, so the rivers erode nothing and deposit nothing.....

What is the adjective form of hill?

The adjective form of hill is hilly

What rivers does not form any delta at its mouth 1.cauvery 2.mahanadi 3godawari4.tapti?


Where do rivers and oceans meet?

That is called the river's mouth. A delta could form there from the sediments settling there do to the river slowing down or stopping.

What may form where a river enters a large body of water such as a lake or ocean?

A river delta, which are usually very lush environments, like the Nile River Delta in Egypt.

What is the difference between a river delta and a rivers mouth?

The formation of a delta is the result of the material carried downstream by the river not being removed by the tide. Where there is little tidal difference a delta will form, especially if the river is major, such as the Nile, Mississippi or Danube for example. In other parts of the world large rivers do not form deltas, the Amazon, the St Lawrence & the Rhine. Compare in France the Estuary of the Garrone, in the Bay of Biscay & the Rhone in the Mediterranean.