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Because people with cancer can die and you are saving a bunch of lives since many people have cancer.

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Q: Why saving people with cancer is important?
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Why is cancer important?

Cancer is important to our society because it is becoming a threat to our nation. Thousands of people are cancer patients. People are surviving cancer now, but we still do not know what causes it.

How did Marie curie change the world?

Marie Curie changed the world by saving people with cancer.

How are OBGYNs important to society?

More women and babies would die without them saving their lives at birth. They are also saving women's life by finding cancer early etc when they care for women's health.

What was important to the people about Marie curie's discovery?

some cured cancer

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Why is the fire department important?

because of saving life is important!

What do you call people with cancer?

People who have Cancer are called .... People with Cancer ... there is no special term!

Why was Marie curie's discovery important to the people?

because some of her "discoveries" could cure cancer

Why is Terry Fox so important?

Terry Fox was a hero to people that had cancer so that's why I think he is a very important person.

Why is being a doctor an important job?

because u need to help people with there cancer We also have to help sick people

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