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According to the King James Version of The Bible, God said that Christians should, "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15) In another verse it says, "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear." (1 Peter 3:15) If for no other reason, these two verses give good reasons why a Christian should study verses in the Bible. One more verse that helps answer this questions is Psalm 119:11 "Thy word have I hid in mine heart that I might not sin against thee."

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What is rainbow study Bible?

The Rainbow Study Bible is a Bible in which the verses are highlighted by the publishers, with different colors for different subjects.

How do you study bible scriptures?

You have to read it and understand it, if you find any problem, read the two above verses and then the two following verses, you should get the meaning.

Where could one browse Bible verses by topic?

Bible verses can be browsed by topic on Biblica, Bible Study Tools, Christ Notes, Sermon Central, Bible Info, Open Bible, GodVine, Bible Gateway, and Verse View.

What do the smaller number in each chapter in the Bible mean?

They are known as Verses to help one study the bible.

What has the author Oswald Riess written?

Oswald Riess has written: 'What does the Bible say?' -- subject(s): Confirmation, Christian education of adults, Study and teaching, Bible 'What does the Bible say?' -- subject(s): Confirmation, Christian education of adults, Study and teaching, Bible 'What does the Bible say?' -- subject(s): Confirmation, Christian education of adults, Study and teaching, Bible

Should Bible study be capitalized?

The word Bible should be capitalized. Study does not need to be.

Who applied philological study to the bible?

Christian Humanists

What are Bible verses about giving?

There are many, but for a really focused and balanced study, I'd suggest 2 Corinthians 9, especially verses 7and 12.

What are some tips for Bible study lessons?

The first thing one should do when deciding to have Bible study lessons is to choose the Bible that will be most suited for the task. This can be done by researching the different versions of the Bible online, or talking to a member of one's local Christian community, such as a pastor or a vicar.

Where can I find good Bible study lessons? is a great resource that offers Bible translations, readings, verses, daily devotionals and more.

How does Christian Science differ from the Bible?

Christian Scientists study the Bible daily. They believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and they strive to follow His teachings.

What does a Johnny Mac mean in Christian hip hop?

It's a Bible. A John Macarthur study Bible.

What are four essentials of Christian growth that a Christian should practice?

Growth must be an ongoing experience that includes the essentials of the balanced Christian life: Bible study, prayer, worship, and witnessing. Hope this answers your question!

Why do the Jew study the orthodox Christian Bible?

They don't - except for possible educational purposes.

Should a Bible study class devote their time strickly in the Bible?


Where can I purchase bible study software for the NIV?

You can get NIV Bible 6.0 software for Windows platform at is another good source for NIV Bible study software or any Christian book needs.

Where can I find study information for the Holy Bible?

No matter what your religious denomination, you can find study information for the Holy Bible at any Christian bookstore, or at, or many other online book stores.

What is the voltage Bible?

The Vulgate is the Latin version of the Greek bible which Jerome was commissioned to translate

How does Christians worldship?

Christian worship includes prayer, bible study, singing hymns and listening to sermons.

What should you do if a kid in Bible study stole your ipod touch when you had the Bible study at your house?

A:You have learnt the hard way that being Christian or attending Bible study does not make people better people. This knowledge will stand you in good stead later in life. First you should tell your parents about the theft, where the iPod was and who you think took it. If you have not recovered your iPod but do know who took it, then you could have a talk to him (or her) - he may admit to the theft and pretend it was just a joke, then return it to you. Or your parents could ask about it.

Is bible study a good place to meet single Christian women?

Singles bible studies are a great place to meet Christian women. You may also want to join a large church in your area, or one of the online Christian dating services such as

What has the author Sara Little written?

Sara Little has written: 'The role of the Bible in contemporary Christian education' -- subject(s): Bible, Religious education, Study and teaching 'The language of the Christian community' -- subject(s): Study and teaching, Bible 'Youth, world, and church' -- subject(s): Church work with youth 'Learning together in the Christian fellowship' -- subject(s): Religious education, Teaching methods

What is an easy to read bible?

i would have to say the ESV study bible. It came out a few years ago and the notes at the bottom of the page are very use full. what else is cool is in each ESV study bible you get a code and when you go to the website you make a username and enter the code have the whole bible on the web page and you can write notes and highlight verses and then save and it stayes there. oh and you can highlight verses and James earl Jones says it in an epic voice. it's pretty cool :)

Where could a person find free Bible study books?

There are alot of place to look that give out free bible study books. Church website or TV programs normally advertise them. Also Christian website or organisations such as Amazing Facts normally give out free bible study books and other literature.

What are some titles of christian magazines?

There are many different Christian magazines available. A few of these are Christianity Today, Charisma, Bible Study Magazine, World Magazine and Guideposts.

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