Why should animals have liberty?

I don't quite understand what you mean in regards to animals having liberty and if you are talking about pets or wild animals so I'll nail both of them for you and it's strictly my opinion, but the opinion of many animals lovers and enviromentalists. People usually have pets because they get loyalty from them and sometimes that's rare in our society. It's nice to come home and be greeted by your pet no matter what it is. The most popular of course are dogs and cats. Some people have the money to spoil their pets and send them to spas, the best medical attention, etc. As far as liberties pets at home will receive this, but there are by-laws where dogs are not wanted and some places your dog must be on a leash. Cats should be watched as well and not be bothersome to your neighbors. As far as wild animals I respect the wilderness and believe some land should be left alone, less dams built or built with the environmental standards in mind (most aren't) that rivers and streams and our oceans should be kept clean and that animals should be left to nature and shot only by camera. Even the whales and the tours to see whales have become a problem for the whale population as well as sonar devices confusing whales and dolphins. I believe in the old Western Indian ways that what you take from the earth you should replenish. It's humans that inbalance nature and take up the land because of greed and power.