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Novices should not use muriatic acid for gardening. It is harmful to persons and harmful to the environment, and is recommended only for professional use.

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It should probably leave it to a professional. They use muriatic acid.

Muriatic acid can be used to clean dishwashers. Muriatic acid is very strong and should only be used occasionally for cleaning the dishwasher.

Muriatic Acid is another name for Hydrochloric acid. It's use is mainly industrial, and not household.

Extremely carefully. Muriatic (hydrochloric) acid is not something you should be messing around with if you don't know how to handle it safely.

The shelf life of muriatic acid is unlimited in a tightly closed container.

You can use muriatic acid to clean or etch aluminum. Do not let it set too long or it will eat through. Use caution since muriatic acid is very caustic.

A dilute solution of muriatic acid is used by the pros.

it is use for purefying water.

= sulfuric acid VERY rare but it is used and with lots of caution... Muriatic acid DILUTED for concrete cleaning etc. =

HCl in the stomach is (around 0.5%) and a pH of 1-2. You will need to make a solution of muriatic acid similar to that. If you have pH paper, you can figure it out.

It makes an excellent substitute for hydrochloric acid.

26 fluid ounces of Muriatic acid (31.4%) will decrease the alkalinity in 10,000 gals by 10ppm.

I would not recommend using Muriatic Acid. It is far to strong for this use. Purchase a good industrial carburetor cleaner.

Muriatic acid is a very dangerous type of acid. You need to wear gloves and protective eye goggles when using it. No, you cannot use muriatic acid without diluting it to unclog a PVC drain pipe.

I was looking for a way to remove dried cement on tiles. I read most builders use muriatic acid. You could also use hydrochloric acid but it is a little corrosive. EJ

Window cleaning can be carried out with muriatic acid. Wear gloves and protective eye goggles before working with this acid. Fill a bucket with water and add 1 or 2 ounces of muriatic acid per gallon of water. Dampen a scrubbing brush with the solution and scrub the windows carefully, avoiding splashes. Rinse the windows with clean water from a hose and dispose of the acid solution carefully. You should only use muriatic acid on the outside of the windows.

Muriatic acid is highly corrosive to certain metals. Would not be recommended for cabinet hardware cleaning, for sure.

You may use small amounts of muriatic acid to soil to make it more acidic. However, there are other products that may work better, such as elemental sulfur.

Not recommended. Muriatic acid, also known as hydrochloric acid is a very dangerous substance, it might even damage the fountain..

use either muriatic acid or dry acid (sodium bisulfate)

To clean concrete among other uses

No that would be a waste of time

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