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if the water in the pipes freezes, it will expand and break the pipes.

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You gave the answer in the last part - you don't want them to freeze and burst during winter.

Internal pipes in a heated house should not freeze. External pipes need to be well insulated from the cold, or they are likely to freeze.

Because you lose heat if they are bare.

Most likely, yes. Healthy trees should be able to survive a freeze for up to 10 hours. Younger trees should never reach temperatures below 25 degrees.

For best results you should freeze on the day of purchase.

no bottle should freeze if unopened

Corn should not rot when you freeze it.

Yes you can freeze it. It should be good for up to 3 months. Keep in mind that when you thraw and re-heat that it will likely be moist. For best results, thaw on a wire rack.

A vent is non insulated and should be boxed in on the outside of your home. B vent is insulated and can be left exposed,

It all depends on the size of the house, how well it is insulated, the outside temperature, and the inside temperature. For most houses about 20 kW should be enough (say 75,000 BTU/hour)

It is poisonous.It is poisonous.

sure! but I would make sure the water heater is insulated with a good insulated cover (which it should be no matter where it's located)

If the area you live in is prone to freezing conditions, then you should not have pipes on exterior walls, they could easily freeze. First thing to do is to get them relocated, if that's not possible, make sure the wall itself is insulated, no drafts, no air coming in from outside, fill in holes, then run insulation the length of the pipe. if the pipe is coming straight through the exterior wall out into the room, best to wrap it minimum 4 feet from the wall.

You have to check if you have Anti-freeze in the radiator, make sure you check when the car is cold not hot! If Anti-freeze is not present make sure you do not have a leak. If Anti-freeze is present then it most likely is your thermostat which should only run you $20 to fix. Good Luck

You should wait until the beef stew is completely cool and freeze it immediately.

Set point is not what causes the condensation . You most likely have a insulation problem . If your vents are swetting you need to ck duct insulation and if you vent boot is not insulated could cause this

You should be able to freeze it at least 2 months maybe longer.

Never refreeze raw meat. You should cook the meat and then freeze it.

Boiled water at room temperature should freeze faster because the oxygen that was in the water has been removed. It should also freeze clearer.

You can freeze a cake twice, but it won't be as good. You should freeze it no mroe than that, though. A cake should be eaten after it is baked. Freezing it once is alright, twice can manage, but a lot of the flavo and texture will be lost.

They all can but rarely freeze solid but cold temp does reduce power

you could probably freeze anything if you tried. so I'm sure you can freeze lip gloss. but just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Putting it in the freezer should do it.