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Q: Why should you never use the coarse adjustment knob on high power for a microscope?
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The coarse adjustment knob on a microscope should never be used with the?

high-power lens

Which focusing knob do you never use under high power?

The coarse adjustment knob should never be used when viewing in high power with a compound microscope. When in high power, use the coarse adjustment (the knob smaller than the coarse adj.) to more accurately focus on the subject.

What part of the microscope should you used to focus the image when using high power objective lens?

First of all, one should never call it high power, it is morecommonly called the "high objective", yet that is not what this question is asking. To answer the question: You use the fine adjustment knob. This knob should be located near the coarse adjustment knob, on the opposite side of the microscope (at the same height as the coarse adjustment knob), or even as a separate knob protruding from the coarse adjustment knob. The fine adjustment knob is smaller in size. You should never, ever use the coarse adjustment knob under the high objective, you could scratch the microscope slide, cover slip, high objective lens, or in a worst case scenario break the high objective lens.

Why should you never turn the coarse objective knob downward?

The coarse objective knob when turned downward will cause the microscope lens to crush into the test slide

Why should you never use direct the coarse adjustment knob on high power?

You should not use the coarse adjustment knob when you can see a blurred silhouette of your object. Then you use the Fine adjustment knob to zoom in on it for a sharper image.

Why should you never us the coarse adjustment knob on high power?

Because the movement is too large and you can break the slide of you turn it the wrong way.

Why would you never use the coarse adjustment knob on high power?

The coarse adjustment knob may move the lens too far too fast and the slide may crack and/or the object be squashed. Using the fine adjustment lens will bring the object into focus much more accurately. In addition, the coarse adjustment knob adjusts in too great a quantity. The fine is less responsive so its easier to adjust at high magnification.

What must NEVER be used when using the medium or high power objectives?

The coarse adjustment because it moves the objective much farther than the fine adjustment knob, and you could hit the slide with the objective and damage the lens and/or the slide.

Why should you never rack downwards with the coarse focusing while you are looking down the microscope?

The object on the viewing stage is close to the lens of a microscope. Racking downward risks the lens touching the object and damaging either the object itself or the lens. Before moving the lens down, make sure you can see the lens and the object from the side of the microscope to void the two touching each other.

Which two pieces from the microscope should you never touch?

is it you shouldn't touch chemicals with your hands

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