Why should you not be a lesbian?

Since this calls for an opinion, here are several from our contributors:

If you are a lesbian, you were born that way, so it's not a question of whether you should be one: you are one. In the modern world, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Be proud of who you are and live a healthy and productive life. If some people don't understand or refuse to accept you, that is their problem and you are not to blame.

There is in fact no reason why one should not live as a lesbian if it happens that one has that particular orientation. A loving relationship is of the greatest importance to any human being, and only those who are fearful or prejudiced or blinded by superstition or ignorant buffoons would say otherwise.

You should definitely not become a lesbian because it is a sin. If you become a lesbian you might not be accepted by friends and family and the people you love. you can hurt people emotionally. You can also ruin your chance of having children unless you adopt. Being a lesbian can also get you sent to hell unless you repent and stop doing that disgusting sin. I would not advice you to become a lesbian it is a huge sin.

Another Answer

Maybe because you're not one. Either you are or your aren't. From what I understand, it is not a choice. Just an opinion from a heterosexual.