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if you dont do anything to stop animal extinction then that would create a huge destruction in the food chain and soon will affect many other things.

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Q: Why should you prevent animal extinction?
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Should you prevent extinction of species?

The whole world should try to prevent extinction of species.

What are the ways to prevent animal extinction?

Don't pollute and don't destroy the animals' natural habitat.

Advantages and disadvantages of animal extinction?

what are the disvantages of animal extinction

Why protect the environment?

We protect it from losing its wide variety of animal species in forests. We can also prevent extinction of them.

What are the solutions to animal extinction caused by the human?

what are the solutions to animal extinction?

Plastic a phobia to animal extinction?

about plastic a aphobia to animal extinction

What are the possible solutions to prevent jaguars extinction?

what are the possible solutions to prevent jaguars extinction?

What are zoos doing to prevent extinction?

Captive breeding programmes are the way zoos prevent extinction.

What could have or should have been done to prevent extinction of the Truffula trees?

idnt knw

What suggestion does the government has taken to prevent extinction of species?

what does the suggestion made by the government to prevent extinction of species ?

What should humans do to reverse or prevent the extinction of cheetah?

well, you should try supporting an animal center or a team of people that help animals. just THAT could really help cheetahs and other endangered animals

How can you help prevent extinctions?

You can't prevent extinction. When an environment changes and an animal is no longer able to sustain its diet it will die out. this is how natural selection works. if the animal is able to adapt to climate change, the animal will not go extinct. however, to prevent human involved extinction, increase poacher awareness and make sure you do your best not to pollute parks. This means picking up your garbage and recycling bottles and cans.

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