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Why did Britain consider India as the crown jewel?

It was the most valuable in Britain's colonies

What is the most expensive jewel?

pure diamond is the most expensive jewel

What is the most expensive jewel in the world?

The Family Jewel !

What is the most expensive piece of the crown jewel?

the most expensive peice of the crown jewel is the main peices

How is characterization in the lion and the jewel- wole sonyika?

characters portrayed in the lion and the jewel by wole soyinka represent the eal situation in most of the african societies. how they are influenced by the western society and how they quickly copy and abuse their own culture. se the way our girls are dressing today, how they walk. The african traditions are bee=ing killed by the western ones through globolization.

Most expensive jewel?


What was the Jewel of the Crown?

Jewel in the Crown is an expression used to refer to India which metaphorically was the "jewel in the crown" i.e. the most important part of the crown, in this case India was the most important part of the British Empire.

What do jewel beetles eat?

Jewel beetles usually eat things related to plants. The most common foods for jewel beetles are wood, nectar, and leaves.

What movie was nominated for the most Oscars?


Is the diamond the most valuable jewel?


What was the most famous jewel on the titanic?

Heart of the ocean although the jewel was only invented for James Cameron's movie

Most expensive jewel in the world?

It is the Princies Chrities Diamond.

What is the most common type of lion?

A mountain lion Sorry, but the mountain lion is not a true lion. That term applies only to African and Asiatic lions. The mountain lion belongs to a different genus.

What is a 17 jewel watch worth?

A 17 jewel watch is worth different amounts, depending on the make and condition. As of 2014, a 17 jewel watch will most likely bring no more than 100 dollars.

What is Jewel Lines Vodka?

Its the worlds most precious vodka,, the most beautiful bottle..! Bottle is pyramid shaped and made with real gem stones and crystals. JEWEL LINES PRECIOUS VODKA!

Who will win between a lion and a black panther?

Most likely a lion. A lion is much stronger and larger.

What does Gemma stand for?

Gemma means precious jewel in Italian and also jewel princess. It is one of the top 5 most beautiful girl's names.

What is the most famous children's movie?


What jewel rock is worth most in fossil fighters?

collosil dimond

What is the most precious jewel?

In my opinion, the most precious jewel depends on your taste ( NOT intentionally! ) for choosing things. For example, I like Garnet. It is my Birthstone. The most expensive and valuable 2 are Gold and Diamond. YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU LIKE. Hope This Helped. ^u^

Which is most likely to when a panther or a lion in a fight?

lion because they are the kings of the lion on less its a cub lion because they are the kings of the jungles on less its a cub

What animal is most dangerous to a lion?

If the lion has water skies, definatley a SHARK

What is Shae's favorite animal?

Shae has many favourite animals but her most favourite animal is a little puppie

What is the world's most favourite sport?


What is your most favourite animal on earth?

A smurf