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The advantages of Si over Ge are:

=> Stable and strong material & crystal structure like diamond

=> Si has a wider bandgap than Ge

=> higher operating temperature (125-175 oC vs. ~85 oC) and thus become intrinsic at higher temp.

=> Si readily forms a native oxide (SiO2) high-quality insulator protects and "passivates" underlying circuitry helps in patterning useful for dopant masking.

=>Large variety of process steps possible without the problem of decomposition (as in the case of compound semiconductors)

=> Si is cheap and abundant

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Q: Why silicon is better semiconductor material than germanium?
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Why is silicon a better semiconductor than germanium?

Silicon is a good semi conductor than germanium because silicon is more readily available, cheaper and stable.

What is the definition of semicondutor?

A semiconductor is a substance or material that conducts electricity better than an insulator but not as well as a conductor. Examples of semiconductors include silicon and germanium.

Why germanium is better than silicon?

products made by silicon are more stable than those made by germanium

Which is a better semiconductor silicon or germanium?

silcon is a better semiconduter since,it has great applications like in making of nanowires which only can be made from, silicon is just after the carbon it exibit it's great property of catenation and can be made into tubes which can't be done with germanium so, in this way we can say that besides exibiting basic semiconducter properties silicon can show other useful properties too

Why silicon is better semiconductor material than GAAs?

Because comparing with ga,as silicon have more attraction force with their outer most electons . The si atomic number is less than all above

How many valence shell electrons are there in semiconductor atoms?

Silicon, the most widely used semiconductor, has four valence electrons. This places it in between the conductive metals, which have one to three valence electrons, and the non-conductive non-metals which have five to eight valence electrons.

Why silicon is mostly used as a semiconductor material in electronic industry as compared to germanium and other semiconductor material?

Mostly because of their cost but also because silicon transistor have faster switching properties and are far more resistant to damage by heat. Silicon transistor also have a much wider operating band.

What is the difference of silicon diode and germanium diode?

A silicon diode has a voltage drop of approximately 0.7V, while a germanium diode has a voltage drop of approximately 0.3V. Though germanium diodes are better in the area of forward voltage drop, silicon diodes are cheaper to produce and have higher breakdown voltages and current capabilities.

Why germanium and silicon are considered as best semiconductors?

actually diamond should be much better, if fabrication issues can be solved, it is faster and will operate up to 600ºC junction temperature. Silicon is limited to 150ºC junction temperature and Germanium is limited to 50ºC to 60ºC. Germanium was originally used because it was easiest to purify and process. Silicon is the cheapest material now, it comes from sand and there is no shortage of that.

Which is a better conductor of electricity copper or silicon?

Silicon is only a semiconductor. Copper on the other hand is used to make wires and is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Why silicon is preferred over germanium in the fabrication of p-n junction diode?

Germanium diodes are more expensive than silicon ones, germanium is harder to process, germanium cannot be used to make integrated circuits (while early prototype integrated circuits were germanium the wiring between the integrated components cannot be integrated making it too expensive for production), germanium cannot operate with a junction temperature above 60C (silicon will operate up to 150C), and its reverse leakage current is greater. However! Germanium diodes have a lower forward voltage drop than silicon ones do, so they're better for some applications, like radio frequency detection.

Why would you use silicon diodes instead of germanium?

Though germanium diodes were the first ones fabricated, several factors make silicon the choice vs. germanium diodes. Silicon diodes have a greater ease of processing, lower cost, greater power handling, less leakage and more stable temperature characteristics than germanium diodes. Germanium diodes' lower forward drop (.2V to .3V versus .7V to 1.0V) make them better at small signal detection and rectification.