Why skunks have one white stripe?

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the stripe on all skunks backs are unique so they can tell each other apart (and so can we).

All skunks have a white stripe, even from birth. See the related link listed below for more information:

black with a white stripe down the back

An animal that fits the description is a skunk. Skunks are black with a white stripe and can stink really bad to protect themselves from predators.

it varies. skunks can have different colors: black, white (even if not albino), lavender, brown, black and white, brown and white, etc... striped skunks have a long stripe going through their back. spotted skunks aren't spotted, but more like having many short stripes. hog-nosed skunks differs within the group, but known to have thick stripe that covers most of their back

Although popularized in American cartoons as females having a single stripe and males having two stripes, Hooded skunks (Mephitis macroura) may have one or two stripes, depending on the type. Striped skunks (Mephitis mephitis) have two stripes. Spotted skunks (Spilogale putorius) have interrupted stripes on their sides and backs. Hog-nosed skunks (Conepatus)typically have a single stripe, but this pattern varies.

well..a bee with one white stripe.

The Zebra is the obvious one. The Honey Badger has one broad white stripe on a black body. There are also skunks which live in certain parts of the continent which have white stripes.

A skunks stripe is a warning to predators to say "GO AWAY!" However, not all skunks are striped. Some are spotted, hooded, and some don't even have stripes at all! And they can be black, brown, white, grey, and other colors.

Botswana (it also has one thin white stripe on either side of the black stripe).

The flag of Greenland has a white stripe, a red stripe, and a red and white circle.

skunks are often black with white stripes. there are also skunks that are black with white stripes

There are a lot of black and white mammals, birds and other animals. This pattern is called 'pied' and is effective camouflage, so it recurs through nature. Two animals that come to mind as having the 'stripe' marking very clearly are badgers and skunks.

Palace of the White Skunks was created in 1982.

The Canadian Flag has a red vertical stripe followed by a thicker white one, and then another red one. On the white stripe there is a red maple leaf.

The belt color levels for Karate are from lowest to higher is; White, Yellow, Orange With Green Stripe, Orange With White Stripe, Orange With Red Stripe, Blue With Green Stripe, Blue With White Stripe, Blue With Red Stripe, Blue, Purple With Green Stripe, Purple With White Stripe, Purple With Red, Purple belt and more.

The red stripe comes before the white stripe because the red stripe stands for blood which means the sacrified blood that was lost in war when the U.S.A was found and the white stripe comes after because the white stands for pride, honor, and foundation.

Red ant with white stripe and furry on butt

Egypts flag is striped. There is a Red stripe on top, a White stripe in the middle and a Black stripe on the bottom. On the White stripe, there is a gold eagle.

It depends where you take it. My school it goes White Yellow Stripe Yellow Orange Stripe Orange Green Stripe Green Blue Stripe Blue Red Stripe Red Black Stripe White Stripe Black

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