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some people belived that it violated respect for the right of individuals and property

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Q: Why some Americans oppose the new deal?
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Why did some people oppose the new deal?

Why did some people oppose the new dea

Who tended to oppose New Deal programs?

While the New Deal programs were generally popular with the majority of Americans, most of the Republicans in congress opposed them. Some of their opposition was political-- President Roosevelt was a Democrat, and traditionally, politicians oppose many of the policies of the opposing party. Many of the Republicans who opposed the New Deal believed it was too expensive to implement, and that it would result in an expansion of government.

Why did Congress oppose some of Truman's Fair Deal policies?

Because in Congress, a new conservative coalition had arisen out of opposition to New Deal liberalism and FDR's internationalism.

How did the New Deal help Americans?

The New Deal helped them get out of the great depression that they were in.

Why did Republicans oppose the New Deal?

They opposed the New Deal because of the huge costs that were needed for the New Deal, the tax payers had to pay a lot more, and the disappearance of Laissez Faire.

Why did people oppose the New Deal?

Because they thought that it would increase the debt

Why did the supreme court oppose the New Deal?

The supreme court opposed the New Deal, because there were nine members in total, and seven were Republicans. The Republicans did not agree with President Roosevelt's New Deal laws.

What are some facts about FDR?

Answer this question…By speaking to Americans on the radio, he made the New Deal understandable

Why was the American Liberty League created?

To oppose Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal

Was the New Deal fair for all Americans?

The New Deal was fair to Americans at a time when many needed help badly. Whether it was fair to ALL Americans could be a matter of opinion.

Why did huey long oppose the New Deal?

Huey Long wanted to win the presidency for himself

How did some New Deal Programs discriminate against African Americans?

Programs like the CCC preferred white people over African Americans

Who benefited the least from the new deal?


What was the new deal in America?

It provided jobs for Americans.

What president promised a new deal for Americans in 1933?

FDR won a landslide victory on the strength of The New Deal.

How did the Jamestown settlers deal with the native Americans?

New England killed the native Americans

How did the new deal policies affected Native Americans?

helped to restore some reservation lands to tribal ownership.

Why did the members of the American liberty league oppose the new deal?

they believed it made government too powerful

What parts of the us economy were affected by FDR's new deal policies?

The americans thought that the new government was too powerful.... and others thought it didn't help much... The farmers also had some help in the New Deal...

Why will people on the right of the political spectrum oppose new deal reforms?

They said it was going too far doing alot of things too muchand they spent alot of money on New Deal

Why was the American Liberty League (ALL) created?

to oppose the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt

What groups did the new deal affect?

The New Deal affected most people in the United States such as:- Farmers- unemployed workers,and workers who belonged to unions....- business groups- young workers- students, teachers, artists, writers, musicians....- Native Americans- Afro-Americans- Women- Some Mexican-Americans- And the poor, and needy.....

What are the pronouns and antecedent in the sentence The new deal did not end the depression but it lessen the financial hardships of many Americans?

"The new deal did not end the depression but it did lessen the financial hardships of many Americans."The pronoun 'it' takes the place of the noun antecedent 'new deal' in the second part of the sentence.

Which most likely oppose roosevelts new deal programs?

Conservatives within the Republican Party strongly opposed Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs. The programs began to be implemented in 1933.

What was one goal of the New Deal?

To put Americans back to work.