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my 96 did the same thing.

Changed the gauge cluster, works ok now .... but the replacement did NOT work until i drove the car about 500ft

go figure .. maybe some sensor rest or something

Sure glad pick n pull is close by

could also be speed sensor, they are supposed to be bad for that too.

2010-09-15 00:57:49
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Where is the speedometer on a civic?

The speedometer is on the dash like any other car....

Will 93 civic speedometer cluster work for 95 civic?


Does a 2000 Honda Civic have an electronic speedometer?


2004 Honda Civic with Speedometer Problems?

I have a 2004 Honda Civic. The Speedometer rests at 35 MPH and when traveling at 55 MPH, it reads 85MPH.

Why doesn't speedometer work on a 1995 Honda Civic?

because its a 1995 honda civic

How do you fix the speedometer cable on a 1998 Honda Civic EX?

A 98 Civic does not have a speedometer cable. It is an electronic speedometer. So if you are having problems with it not working the most likely culprit is the vehicle speed sensor (VSS).

Where is the speedometer cable in a 98 Honda civic?

There is no cable.... Its electronic.

Where is the speedometer wiring for a 1994 Honda Civic EX?

under the dash

1992 Honda civic speedometer erratic what could the problem be?

If a 1992 Honda Civic's speedometer is erratic, the problem could be the speedometer cable. It could also be the speedometer sensor malfunctioning. Check both components carefully.

Why doesn't the speedometer work on a 1993 civic LX?

Does your odometer work? If the speed sensor goes faulty both speedometer and odometer stop working.

Where is my speedometer cable is on my 2000 Honda Civic LX?"

Where can you find a speedometer Wiring diagram for 1994 Honda civic?

Get a Chilton's book for your car.

Why is my vtec and speedometer and odomter not working in my 2000 civic si?

Because u Suck!!!

How do you fix a malfunctioning speedometer on a 2000 civic?

somebody would have to ask my dad that question. hahahahahahahahah

Will tires P19570R14 fit on a 2001 Honda Civic?

They will fit but they are not the correct size for your Civic. Your speedometer will not be accurate. Ride, handling, fuel mileage, and braking will be adversely effected.

What would cause a speedometer to go out on a 1996 Honda civic ex?

a wire could have came loose

How do you reset your speedometer on your 1999 Honda Civic EX Sedan?

You cannot reset a speedometer. You can reset the trip meter but not the odometer. Reset the trip meter by pushing and holding the trip button.

Why does the speedometer in a 1991 Honda Civic work intermittently?

Problem is most Likely the ground wire on the motor by the thermostat

What causes the speedometer to work then not work on a 1996 Honda Civic LX 4-door?

speed sencer

What is the top speed on the 2006 Honda Civic digital speedometer?

The top speed is 128mph (2006 EX sedan). The speedometer would probably read 130. I drove it at 202 Kmp/h

Where is the speedometer sensor in a 2000 civic si?

The VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) is located on the transmission. If the speedometer is not working, it is rarely the VSS causing the problem. I would first check fuses and the ECU

How do you replace a speedometer cable in a 1996 Honda civic?

There is not speedometer cable on a 1996 Honda Civic. There is a throttle cable. Top replace this unhook it from the throttle body and gas pedal. Hook on the new cable to snake it through the firewall. Properly hook the throttle cable to the gas pedal and throttle body.

What would cause the speedometer in a 1992 Honda Civic to drop to zero while driving down the road?

speed sensor

Speedometer Cable Replacement for 1998 Honda Civic?

To replace the speedometer cable for the 1998 Honda Civic, first purchase the cable for about 7 to about 11 dollars. Then, remove the negative battery cable on the vehicle and open the instrument panel. Remove the three terminal connector from the speed sensor and replace it with the new one.

Where is the fuse for the odometertrip meter on a Honda 2003 Civic EX?

the fuse is in the fuse box on the drivers side and it should be the fuse that is labeled speedometer..... only prob wit takin out the odometer fuse is then u have no speedometer......