Why sometimes the moon look bigger?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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The orbit of the Moon around the Earth is not perfectly circular: its distance to the Earth (actually the Earth centre) varies from 405 696 km to 363 104 km.

Obviously the Moon will appear bigger when it is at its closest. This is particularly noticeable when it coincides with a full Moon.

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Q: Why sometimes the moon look bigger?
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Why does the moon look big from earth?

because the moon is bigger from space

Why is the moon bigger than the sun?

It is not because it is only an optical illusion that makes the moon look bigger than the sun

Is the sun and moon the same size?

no the moon is bigger than the sun The sun is over 400 times bigger than the moon but since the moon is a lot closer to us than the sun and moon look the same size.

Does the earth's moon look bigger or smaller from Mars?

Without a telescope you probably couldn't see earth's moon from Mars.

Why does the moon seem bigger when it is rising?

Moon illusion is when the moon seems bigger when it is rising. So really the moon is not bigger it is in the mind.

Is the moon bigger than a whale?

If you really don't know whether an elephant is larger than the moon, maybe you need to get out more often. Go to the zoo and look at an elephant and then look at the moon and remember that it is 200,000 miles away from you and still looks huge....

What does the moon look like when it it full?

a circle, and you can sometimes see craters

Why does the sun and moon look the same size to us on earth?

The sun is millions of times bigger than the moon, but the moon is many times closer to Earth.

What does it mean when you say the moon has been waxing?

If the moon is growing it is waxing. If the moon is shrinking it is waning.

Are the stars further than the moon?

Yes. They look smaller but they are bigger. They only look smaller because they are further away.

What makes the moon sometimes appear red?

The moon sometimes appears red because of smoke or dust in the air. It's really the air that is 'red', but it makes the moon look that way, too.

Why do the sun and moon look the same size in the sky?

objects look bigger the closer to you they are. the moon is small, but close to earth. the sun is much larger, but much farther away.