Why srilanka famous?

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Sri Lanka is a beautiful island. IT is famous because of that.

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Q: Why srilanka famous?
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Who is famous cricketer in srilanka?

who is the famous cricketer of srilanka

Who is the famous leader in srilanka?


What is the famous food in srilanka?


Why is Sri Lanka famous for Gemstones?

We can find expensive gemstones in srilanka. Rathnapura is very famous for gems. Rathnapura is a city in srilanka.

What is famous dance in srilanka?

folk dance

Where is the place famous for pottery in srilanka?


Who is famous sports person in srilanka?

Srilankais famous for cricket. Sangakkara is the famous one.

What is Srilanka famous for?

Sri lanka is in the southern coast of india. Srilnka is an island. It is very famous for gems.

What is famous leader in srilanka?

Mahinda is the best. He was a great leader.

What is the national game of sri linka?

Sri lanka is famous for cricket. But the game of srilanka is volleyball.

Father of it in srilanka?

Father of it in srilanka is lord shiva . country of srilanka gifted to rawan

Who will win the Srilanka vs India series?


What is the national dress in Srilanka?

what is the national dress of srilanka

Does srilanka share a border with India?

no srilanka is an island

What are the major imports and exports of srilanka?

exports of srilanka

Is srilanka part of India?

no srilanka and india are different

Who is kamala wijeratne?

she is very famous poet in srilanka. her native place is kandy. she born in may 28 1950

Do Egyptian need visa to srilanka?

egyption need visa to srilanka

Does Justine Bieber know Srilanka?

yes he know all about srilanka

Who is the famous cricket person in srilanka?

That would be Mahela Jayawardene, who was captain of its cricket team and record holder in batting scores.

What do you know about ethnic problem in Srilanka?

SriLanka actually does have an ethnic problem on Tamil people

What is the distance between kanyakumari and srilanka?

the distance between kanyakumari and srilanka is 288 km

Which country is called as diamond of Asia?

India is the diamond of Asia.

How did cinnamon get to Sri Lanka?

Cinnamon is very expensive in Europe. Cinnamon is naturally cultivated in sri lanka. srilanka is famous for cinnamon.

Is srilanka is Indian state?

According to a list of Indian states and territories, Srilanka is not an Indian state.