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Most common cause is warped rotors.

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What makes steering wheel shake when stepping on the brakes?

If its shaking side to side could be a tire out of balance or maybe a mechanical issue (wheel bearing, alignment, etc). Probably not a safety issue, but it can wear the tires out prematurely which can be expensive. Warped brake rotors are the most likely cause if the steering wheel only shakes when applying the brakes.

Steering wheel shaking?

Get your tires balanced and/or check the lug nuts.

Why is your car steering wheel shaking?

Tires need to be balanced and re-aligned

When at high speed the steering wheel is shaking?

The tires are out of balance...may need tires, or rim(s) are bent

Steering wheel shaking when driving?

More than likely your tires are out of balance. Have your tires rotated and balanced. Make sure they check for a bent wheel.

What can make a 2000 kia sepfia steering wheel shake?

Normally this is caused by one or more of the tires out of balance. If the steering wheel is shaking then you know it is a front tire. Have all your tires rotated and balanced.

Name a part of your car that can be adjusted?

Seat Steering Wheel Mirror Tires Radio Brakes

Steering wheel shaking 55mph plus?

This is a classic symptom of a tire out of balance. Have the tires inspected for damage and have the tires rotated and balanced. This should solve the problem.

What is causing a 96 Saturn steering wheel shaking when at 80km or above?

You most likely need to tires for the front of your car. You should replace your tires as soon as possible.

Why is the steering wheel shaking in your 1996 Nissan Maxima?

It may be from tires being worn unevenly and off balance or the front end is out of alignment.

Why is the car wheel shaking when stopping?

There could be several reasons why the steering wheel in shaking when you are coming to a stop. Below are some things to check for: 1.You may have a knot in the side wall of one or more of your tires. 2.If you have recently had your tires rotated, this may cause your steering wheel to shake. This is because you have waited to long to rotate your tires. Put the tires back to their previous location, however, this may not correct the problem. 3.Check to see if all of your tires are wearing evenly. If they are not, take your vehicle to a certified auto shop to have the alignment corrected.

How do you fix a shaking steering wheel?

You probably need to get your tires balanced. Or replaced. If the bias goes (steel belt breaks or shifts), the car will waddle at low speeds, and the steering wheel will shake at high speeds.

Where can I get brakes and tires checked at the same time?

you can go to grismer automotive service. They will check the tires and brakes and let you know the issues and tell you if the brakes and tires need to be replaced or serviced.

Does a broken strut affect brakes and tires?

A broken strut will definitely affect your tires. They will wear quicker, and possibly off center. As for the broken strut affecting your brakes? Mainly for the fact that your car will not be performing correctly, your steering can be pulling to one side or the other, and when you brake, this can be enhanced.

Why your steering wheel is shaking badly?

Usually when the steering wheel shakes badly while driving it could mean a few things. If it shakes only when you are applying the brakes, this means you have warped rotors and they will need to be turned or replaced. If it shakes just while driving, it could be that you have 1 or more tires that are unbalanced. Check this first before proceeding. It can also indicate that a wheel alignment and perhaps steering linkage repairs are necessary.

Bad shaking in a 1985 Chevrolet 4x4 have done all front end work what could be the problem?

Tires out of balance. WHEEL bent, The steering shock may be worn out.

If you are in a rear wheel skid you must release your brakes and turn your steering wheel?

Into the skid, meaning in the direction the rear tires are going, Think of it as, "catching the skid."

Should tires or brakes stop a vehicle?

Yes, that is the purpose of brakes.

Why would you feel something thumping in the steering of a 1997 Honda Civic when you are turning and the axels and tires are all new?

I would check brakes,shocks,and powersteering pump. I would check brakes,shocks,and powersteering pump.

Why does my car shake?

If you have not had a balance and rotation on your tires within one year, this can cause shaking of your vehicle. Also, if you have a lift or heavy duty tires, your vehicle will be prone to shaking.

Do you get new brakes or new tires first?

new tires. If the tires brake, you'll need it

Steering wheel shaking at high speeds?

Could be a minor out of balance condition with one of the tires, or a minor alignment issue that is unnoticeable at lower speeds. Also the tires may not be rated for the speeds you are attempting and are distorting. Another possibility is a harmonic imbalance, the tread of the tires may create a noise that causes a wobble in the steering, the sound is always there but raises to a harmful pitch at a certain speed.

Your steering wheel on my 1990 civic keeps shaking?

if it shakes while your braking your front roters could be warped or if it shakes while your driving try balancing the tires at a tire shop.

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