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Sunflowers only face east when the sun is in the east. As the sun moves towards the west they turn to keep facing it. That's why they are called sunflowers.

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Why do sunflowers turn to face the sun?

Sunflowers turn to face the sun when they are young and growing fast

Is which directions do sunflowers point?

Sunflowers are phototropic, so they face the sun.

Why sunflowers all face in the same direction?

Because They follow The Sun

What is the term used for sunflowers when they move throughout the day to face the sun?


Why are all the sunflowers facing the same direction?

Sunflowers, like most plants are heliotropic, that is they face the Sun to get more light. Sunflowers are very fast at moving toward sunlight, and they all do so at once. They are facing the Sun. Sun-flowers.

If you face east will west be to the right of you?

No if you face East West will be behind you.

Why do dogs face the east to die?

they face east because they beilieve spirits will come from the dead and take them to hell if they don't face east

Why did the door of the Navajos's hogan face east?

why does the door face east on hogans

How do living things respond?

by using communication with other things (for sunflowers) they turn to face the sun

Why does a dog face east to die?

cuz ur ugly stupid face is west! it doesnt face east!

What time of year do sunflowers grow?

Sunflowers grow in the summer and will face the sun when in bloom. In most areas, sow them in spring. In very mild climates, they sometimes also grow during the cooler months as well.Sunflowers grow near highways and Kansas, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota are one of the cheifs in growing sunflowers.

Do muslims face east when praying?

muslims do not face east in prayer.. we face in the direction of the kibla in makkah which is 117 degrees

When you face north your east is what?

Your east will be right.

What is the best way to dry sunflowers out of the garden?

cut below head and leave in sun face up.

As you face east the north pole is on your?

As you face east, the direction to the north pole is to your left.

Where does the east window face?

The east window faces EAST OF COURSE!

Why do traditional churches face east?

Traditional churches face east in order to face the rising sun. This is not something that is mandated, it is more of a tradition.

Where did van Gogh paint 'Sunflowers'?

The "Sunflowers" were painted in Arles, France

Why do the Catholic's have to face the east when they pray?

Catholics do not have to face east when they pray. They can face any direction. Muslims turn towards Mecca when they pray which may be east depending upon the location of the person.

Do Muslims face east or towards mecca when praying?

Generally Mecca is towards the East in the U.S. so most people face East when praying towards Mecca. (You face Mecca when praying.)

Why do Catholic churches face east?

Catholic churches are not required to face any particular direction. They may face north, south, east or west.

When did Claude Monet paint 'Sunflowers'?

Monet's Bouquet of Sunflowers was painted in 1881.

Why do Catholic churches usually face east?

Catholic Churches do not face east or any other particular direction.

Do Catholic altars have to face east?

No, they can face in any direstion.

Which way do Hindu temples face and why?

Temples face east.