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because in tangent galvanometer earth magnetic field and magnetic field of magnet inside galvanometer are perpendicular to each other

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Q: Why tangent galvanometer is called tangent galvanometer?
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What are some applications of tangent galvanometer?

Some common applications of a tangent galvanometer are as follows: used to measure the magnitude of the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field, compare the galvanometer constants.

What is the unit of reduction factor of tangent galvanometer?


Reduction factor of tangent galvanometer?

it is the current measured in amphere..

What r the uses of tangent galvanometer?

to detect the sudden change in current.

Applications of reduction factor of tangent galvanometer?

reduction factor is used to find earth's magnetic field and compare galvanometer constants

What is galvanometer constant of tangent galvanometer?

IG=Betanx. in this G is G.constant, I is current, Be is Megnetic field of earth, OK? or anything else?

What is reduction factor of tangent galvanometer?

Reduction factor of the tangent galvanometer is actually numerically equal towards the current in ampere needed to produce a deflection of 45° in it whenever the plane of the coil lies together the magnetic meridian.

What is unstable galvanometer?

Galvanometer that cannot die out oscillations instantaneously or quickly is called unstable galvanometer.

What is the use of Tangent Galvanometer?

helps people fly to the moon if they are short on cash. better shut up if u don't know the answer !!

How tangent galvanometer is used to determine the horizontal component of earth's magnetic field?

by using the formula b=μn/2A(I/TAN Ɵ)....where μ=4πx10 pow(-7)n=number f turns of the coilA=radius of the coil(m)I=current flowing through the coil(A)Ɵ=angle of deflection in the tangent galvanometer.

How you convert galvanometer into ammeter in detail?

By attaching a resistance in parallel connection with the galvanometer. Or when a low resistor connected in parallel with galvanometer ,the galvanometer is converted in ammeter. and the resistor is called shunt resistance.

What is a segement that is tangent to a circle at an endpoint?

It is called a tangent segment.

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