Why the pioneer times school teacher was important to the village?

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they teach that because they only live in the village
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Why a teacher is important?

A teacher is important because teachers teach kids skills and tasks so those kids can grow up and get a decent job and be wise about what you are doing.

What is the importance of teachers?

Teachers are, by definition, people who teach. It is very hard to learn everything you need to learn all by yourself - especially since you have no idea what you need to learn when you are a child or teenager! Adults, who have experience with making a living, taking care of themselves and their fami ( Full Answer )

Important teachers or important computers?

Important computers although both are equally important because as you notice that humans put on the information on the internet but humans are also the ones that make up these scientific things taught in schools. Therefore a choice is a choice and that choice is important computers.

Why are pioneer species important?

The pioneer species begins an ecosystem for succession such as lichens. They start an ecosystem after the previous was destroyed or start an all new one

Why was schooling not considered important in colonial times as it is now?

Schools were rare. Where schools existed, they could not interfere with the farm work, so they were only open one to three months during the year. The main reason for schools was to teach the students to read the Bible and to do simple math. If he wanted to go to college, a young man studied with hi ( Full Answer )

Is pioneer middle school a school?

I'm not sure about Pioneer, but I know there a middle school called Pioneer Ridge Middle School. i know theres a school called the olentangy orange pioneers

What is the importance of a teacher?

In today's dynamic world and demanding pedagogies; I would not hesitate to call teaching as one of the most imortant jobs. They can be called the last revolutionaries - no one can make a difference to the world as teachers can do. In the words of Hannah Arendt teacher represents the old world as its ( Full Answer )

What was the cure for rabies in the time of the pioneers?

There was no "cure" for rabies then, and there is no cure for rabies now. People who develop symptoms almost invariably die; in the millions of cases in history, there are less than ten known survivors to date, and that's with medical treatment.

What were the children in pioneer times like?

Up until the past half century children were workers in both society and at home. The main reason for big families in pre-20th century eras were to have more people to work on family farms and businesses. In the early 20th century America, children (as early as age 9 or 10) worked in jobs such as co ( Full Answer )

What is boon work in pioneer time?

In the medieval social and political system of feudalism, boon work was the extra work required of serfs by their lords at harvest time. Serfs typically despised boon work, as it took them away from their own fields at a critical time of the growing season.

Why it is important to be on time for school?

cuz if u r not in on time u wont have as long to learn so u will miss awt on ur learning lol :) un less u miss form dat ain't dat important but it goes on ur perminant record so it will be harder to get a job cuz peeps ain't gonna take on a person dat is late lol :)

Where there dogs in pioneer time?

There have been dogs as far back as the pioneer times, yes. Such research has been conducted on these matters.

What is the importance of first aid in schools for teachers and staff?

CPR is important for any person to learn. Every place expected to have a large number of people (office buildings, shopping malls, schools, etc.) should have designated people with CPR training. Schools in particular have a large number of children. This group, rarely has CPR training and rarely w ( Full Answer )

Why is a pioneer baker important?

Bread was an important staple in the diet of the pioneers. Bakingis a time consuming activity. The baker did all of the baking,which allowed others to focus on other important daily livingskills.

How many times can the teachers fail you in school middle school?

First, teachers do not fail students. Students fail themselves through a lack of serious study. It's not like if you fail three times, you pass. You will fail until you either get serious, or turn 18, whichever comes first. Understand?

How do you change time on a pioneer stereo?

For single CD players, set the time by long-pressing the SOURCEbutton to shut off the unit. Long-press again for the clock toappear and select the segment you want to adjust by pressing theleft or right arrow. Adjust accordingly by pressing the arrow up ordown until the time is correctly set. Press ( Full Answer )

Did pioneers have schools?

yes, they did. . it was kinda harsh on them. . i don't know if they liked school since it would be their opinion, though

How did pioneers tell time?

The Pioneers could estimate the time by looking at the sun and where it is positioned . More detail: Some had clocks and pocket watches, but those who didn't, were able to tell time by the sun. When the sun is straight overhead, then it's noon, or very close to it. So if the sun was about half-w ( Full Answer )

During pioneer times what was a stockade?

A stockade was a barrier, usually made of stout wooden posts embedded in the ground. It could be used for prisoners, or fortification against intruders.

Who was the creator of Black Creek Pioneer Village?

It was opened in 1960 by the Metropolitan Toronto and RegionConservation Authority, along Black Creek on the former site of theStrong family farm, which was under the purview of the HumberValley Conservation Authority. The first structure included was theDalziel Barn, built in 1809, which is now a m ( Full Answer )

Why are students more important than teachers in school?

Because they are the future generation and the teachers are easily replaceable, also the teacher's need the children to be at school unless they will have no one to teach and therefore won't earn no money.

Is time a teacher?

time is the only constant in any universe[the only thing that happens regardless of planet,moon,universe,galaxy[time is both constant and consistant]without regard to planet,suns,anything[NOTE;einsteins theory is based on time,motzarts,etc,our 360 degree is based on time as 60seconds x60 mins. =360, ( Full Answer )

How can you your school teacher?

Career Information Teachers: Career, Salary and Education Information Career Profile: What do Teachers do? Tasked with the responsibility for educating the next generation of students, teachers enjoy a career with a real impact. Teachers can be found at the preschool through secondary level, ( Full Answer )

How much did a pioneer teacher get paid?

Most people didn't get paid, even teachers... but if teachers did get paid it was very little. Farming was the most paying depending on what kind of farming you might have done then, as for teach ing it was one of the least paying, about 50 cents I'd say every 3-4 days a the leas twhile farming you ( Full Answer )

What did pioneers learn in school?

In school, pioneer children learned the three r's: reading and 'riting and 'rithmetic, (Reading and writing and arithmetic). Instead of a pencil or pen and paper, the children would have a slate and piece of chalk. They would write their lessons on the slate. The teacher would correct them. Then the ( Full Answer )

What is the maximum legal time a teacher can hold a pupil after school?

Any pupil under 18 can be put in detention - assuming this is part of your school's behaviour policy. Parents need to be given 24 hours written notice if the detention is outside normal school hours, for safety reasons. They can let you know if this will cause the family a particular problem, bu ( Full Answer )

Why was it important for the pioneers to live by the water?

Since wells were not easily dug, they need a good water source for drinking, cooking, bathing, etc., as well as watering their livestock. They also needed water for their crops since they grew most of their own food.

Why is it important for teachers to limit websites at school?

Teachers need to limit websites at school because students are in school to learn. If they did not limit certain sites, children would be on those sites instead of learning what teachers are trying to teach them.

What did pioneers do in school?

At school teachers used to get 1 or 2 dollars paid per day.Teachers used have cupboard to keep food or naughty children.teachers used to live at children's houses because they got paid 1 or 2 dollars.Childrens didn't used to have notebooks like we do today, they had small sleight boards.If the child ( Full Answer )

Can part time Georgia teachers collect unemployment compensation between school terms?

Usually, teachers are paid a salary and cannot collect unemployment between school terms, but you can check with your unemployment office. If you are paid hourly, it might be possible to collect benefits. Again, check with your unemployment office or ask the school administrators if it is possible ( Full Answer )

What were the symptoms of cholera in pioneer time?

Symptoms of cholera were the same like they are today. Vomiting,few times fallowed by profuse watery diarrhoea are the symptoms ofthe cholera. Typically there is rice water stool.. Vomiting, few times fallowed by profuse watery diarrhoea are thesymptoms of the cholera. Typically there is rice water ( Full Answer )

Did pioneer girls go to school?

no because they had to do chores around the house ,while the boys at the age 10 went to school to learn and help family out sometimes girl pioneers used to be home schooled while the men were all out of sight because wemon were realy smart back then more than the men

Why was the pioneer storekeeper important?

Simply put, they kept stores available to the pioneers, who relied upon those supplies for their very lives. Bartering and the issuance of terms of credit were sometimes creatively applied by the pioneer storekeepers.

How pioneer children get to school?

They didn't go to school. As a pioneer child they walked alongside the wagons on the movement west. As they walked they would pick up buffalo chips for the campfire, and hunt for eggs from the birds in the grasslands. The older children looked after the youngest and older boys would help their fathe ( Full Answer )