Why the pioneer times school teacher was important to the village?

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they teach that because they only live in the village
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What is the importance of first aid in schools for teachers and staff?

CPR is important for any person to learn. Every place expected to have a large number of people (office buildings, shopping malls, schools, etc.) should have designated people

How many times can the teachers fail you in school middle school?

First, teachers do not fail students. Students fail themselves through a lack of serious study. It's not like if you fail three times, you pass. You will fail until you either

Did pioneers have schools?

yes, they did. . it was kinda harsh on them. . i don't know if they liked school since it would be their opinion, though

Why are students more important than teachers in school?

Because they are the future generation and the teachers are easily replaceable, also the teacher's need the children to be at school unless they will have no one to teach and

How much did a pioneer teacher get paid?

Most people didn't get paid, even teachers... but if teachers did get paid it was very little. Farming was the most paying depending on what kind of farming you might have don

Why is it important for teachers to limit websites at school?

Teachers need to limit websites at school because students are in school to learn. If they did not limit certain sites, children would be on those sites instead of learning wh

What did pioneers do in school?

At school teachers used to get 1 or 2 dollars paid per day.Teachers used have cupboard to keep food or naughty children.teachers used to live at children's houses because they
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Why were pioneers important?

they help with things and traveled and they helped peole in there village