Why the story entitled origin of fair complexion and fair hair?


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The origin of fair complexion and fair hair is based in DNA. A persons genetics determines their skin tone, hair color, and more.

Deepika padukone do not have very fair or very dark complexion. She have kind of a suntanned complexion . She looks very pretty as she is .

The complexion of Kareena Kapoor is fair. It is because she is Indian in culture. She belongs to the Kapoor family.

my complexion was really fair so i always had to wear sunscreen infront of the sun.

It is unlikely that Native Americans had a fair complexion. Most came from the west over the land bridge from Asia.

my complexion looks dull please reply i have no time

The baby's complexion has nothing to do with what you eat. That's a result of genetics and DNA.There is absolutely nothing you can eat that will influence a child's complexion, fair parents tend to have fair children, dark complexioned parents have dark complexioned children.

Yes, she appears to have a fair complexion, though she does have dark hair.

Water and plenty of it!!!!!!!!

Cucumber and lemons are believed to promote a fair complexion in India. In fact, some people in India apply cucumber juice to their skin and leave it on overnight.

The opposite of fair (just, right) would be unfair or unjust. The opposite of fair (light, as in complexion) would be dark.

clusters of concentrated melanin which are visible on people with a fair complexion.

No they have a fair complexion so they only burn.

It all depends on genes..nothing you can do about it.

You can try to get a fair complexion by spending less time in the sun or by covering your face as much as possible when out in the sun. If you are a female you could also try wearing a porcelain shade of foundation to lighten the tone of your skin.

One can get fair skin after going through plastic surgury only in a single day. Concern Surgen.

Fair (as in fair skinned complexion) Pear (light greenish yellow color) Bare (On underwear bare is typically brown)

yes they do find them attractive because Asia has wheat's or a bit fair complexion in majority. so they find white girls attractive as they are a bit different from those having fair or dark complexion.

A rose leaf complexion is typically used to describe someone who has fair skin with pinkish cheeks. Colors can range from pale pink to soft red.

I'm not sure what you mean by a fair baby. If you are talking about complexion, there is nothing you can do to change that, it will be a mix of you and the baby's father.

a light skin (in the sense of "fair complexion") is 'peau claire' in French.

Heredity, fair complexion are the most common causes- not a disease.

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