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Why there is more bacteria growth in liquid vs solid medium?

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it is more on liquid because moist attracts more microorganisms than on dry surfaces it is more on liquid because moist attracts more microorganisms than on dry surfaces

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When a substance is added to solid medium which inhibits growth of unwanted bacteria but permits the growth of wanted bacteria the medium is known as?

selective medium

What is the advantage of a solid medium over a liquid medium?

The pattern of growth and the color of the microorganism is easier to see on a solid medium. A liquid medium can only be used to see if the colony grows on the bottom of the medium, at the top of the medium or interspersed within the growth medium.

What advantage a solid medium over a liquid medium?

There is one main advantage to using a solid medium over a liquid medium when it comes to microorganisms. That advantage is that it provides better visibility of color and growth.

What is the difference between liquid and solid medium?

In wave motion, the media are said to be liquid and solid according to the states of media themselves, that is, if a medium is in solid state then the medium is said to be solid medium and if the medium is in liquid state, then the medium is said to be liquid medium.

What type of semisolid medium is used to grow bacteria?

Agar is a semi solid medium used to grow bacteria.

What are 3 examples of a medium?

Solid, liquid and gas.

What forms can a medium take?

Solid Liquid and Gas

What states of matter can a medium be?

solid, liquid, or gas......!

What is a liquid or solid that is suitable for growing cells?

a medium

What is dispersed phase and dispersion medium?

A colloid may consist of a mixture of solid in liquid in which solid form is called dispersed phase and the liquid component is called dispersion medium

What are liquid drops or solid particles spread through gas?

A colloidal suspension of solid or liquid particles in a gaseous medium.

What do you call to a colloidal suspension in which a gas is the suspending medium?

- solid in gas: solid aerosol - liquid in gas: liquid aerosol

What medium do waves travel fastest in?

Solid, then liquid, then gas.

Can you give 3 examples of medium?

Gas Liquid Solid

What are the two states of a colloid?

The two states of a colloid are either a gas or liquid and a solid. The dispersion medium is either the liquid or gas that is mixed with the dispersed medium, which are usually solid particles.

What is the benefit of a solid agar medium compared to a broth medium?

broth medium contains nutrients and other compliments which is required for the growth .

How does a smear preparation of cells from a liquid medium differ from preparation of cells from a solid medium?

In liquid medium one starts by placing one or two loopfuls of the liquid medium directly on the slide. From solid media such as nutrient agar. One starts by placing one or two loopfuls of water on the slide and then using an inoculation loop to disperse the organisms in the water. Bacteria growing on solkid media tend to cling to each other and mus be dispensed suficiently by dilutiion in water.

Is bacteria a solid liquid or gas?

Bacteria is a gas produced by boiling a mixture of alcohol and urine.

What type of medium does sound go through?

Solid, liquid or gas.

Is jelly an example of emulsions?

No, for jellies, dispersion phase is liquid and dispersion medium is solid. And for emulsions,both dispersion phase and dispersion medium is liquid.

Can you isolate bacteria in a mixed culture more easily using liquid or solid media?


Is the liquid medium better than solid medium?

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How do you detect acid and gas production using solid medium?

By using pour-plate method with the suitable growth medium.

What does sound have to have to travel?

A medium. Gas, liquid or solid. It can't travel in a vacuum.

The material which sound waves travel?

Any medium - solid, liquid or gas.