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Q: Why there is no color changes in iodometric titration?
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Why analysis of Cu from brass solution is considered as an iodometric titration?

Because the iodine is liberated, hence it is called as iodometric titration.

What is hypo solution used in chemistry for iodometric titration?

hypo solution used in iodometric titration is sodiumthiosulphate. Its N\10 normality of Na2S2O3.

Why add excess KI in iodometric titration?

excess KI

Is iodometric titration and redox titration is same?

No, they are not the same, but 1 is part of 2.Iodometric titration is just one of the (larger) group (or class) of oxidimetric titrations, which in turn is part of the much (larger) group (or class) of volumetric analysis method.

What is the difference between iodometric titration and iodimetric titration?

teri maa ki chut sale tum btao.....

What is meant by drift in a KF titration?

drift means gram eqv. of water removed by K.F. in Iodometric titration

What is the function of starch solution in the redox titration?

It is used as indicator for the endpoint of a Iodometric (redox) titration: it gives a bluish grey to black color with very minute excess of Iodine-iodide ions (I3-)

Changes color at the endpoint of titration?

indicates end of titration neutralisation of the reaction

What changes color at the endpoint of titration?

change in pH, changes the colour (of the indicator)

The point at which a drop of base changes the color of an acid solution and the color persists?


What is iodometry and iodimetry titration?

Iodometric titration is synonymous with redox titration method. Iodine is a universal laboratory reagent because it reacts directly with an array of organic and inorganic substances. Since iodometric titration is a form of redox or oxidation-reduction reaction, it can accurately measure the amount of oxidizing or reducing agents in a chemical reaction. Also, it can be reversed to either direction in an iodine/iodide reaction.

Why starch is added in iodometric titration?

The color formed by reaction between starch and iodine is much more intense than the color of iodine itself, so that the end point can be determined more sensitively with than without starch.