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The split in Islam that resulted in the formation of two distinct sects Sunni and Shia can be traced back to a disagreement over the succession of the Prophet Muhammad. After the death of the Prophet in 632 CE the Community of Believers was divided over who should take his place as leader of the Muslim community. Sunnis who form the majority of Muslims believe the rightful successor to Muhammad was Abu Bakr one of the Prophets closest companions. They also believe that the Islamic leadership should be based on consensus and the selection of the most qualified individual. Shias on the other hand believe that Muhammad chose his son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib to be his successor and that the leadership should only be passed down through his descendants. This disagreement over the rightful successor to the Prophet has led to the split of Sunni and Shia Islam.

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Q: Why there was a split in Islam in the creation of the 2 different sects?
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There was a split in Islam that resulted in the creation of the two different sects?

There are more then two Muslim sects but the two significant sects are Sunni and Shiite

Is Islam divided into two sections?

Islam is very clear, the Quran states "Obey Allah(God)and Obey His messenger". So it's very simple. The prophet,peace be upon him, said that Islam will split into 73 sects, the Christians into 72 sects and the Jews into 71. Only 1 sects from each will be on the right path and will enter paradise.

What are the two sects Islam split into?

The main two sects are Sunnis and Shiites. However, they may be called as two schools as they have many common basic Islam rules and teachings and they differ in minor side issues. Refer to related question below.

What are the reasons for the split in Islam?

different interpretation of what's in the Quran.

When did the Christian religion split into all the different sects?

At varying times. Some of the splits took hundreds of years to fully manifest themselves.

Is Islam split into 2?

Answer 1As far as I'm aware, the divide is between Sunni and Shia. Both types have said to me that the other is the more extreme.Answer 2No. Islam is split in many more than two ways. While Sunni and Shiite Islam claim to be the "only games in town", the Sunni Islam has many internal divisions between the different Madhaheb (Schools), political views, community-organization views, and fataawa (jurisprudential opinions). In Shiite Islam, the division between Zaydis, Ismailis, Eleveners, and Twelvers are event more stark. Finally, sects like the Ibadi are outside of the Sunni-Shiite dichotomy.

Why do religions share the holy book?

I assume you mean the Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Well Judaism came first with their Torah, eventually the descendants of Abraham split apart, and spread out. hundreds of years past and small sects began to form all following the torah, but with slightly different interpretations. Then within each sect, a prophet (Jesus, Muhammad) came and created more information which completely separated the sects into what would become modern day Islam and Christianity... With the remaining followers of original Judaism left behind

Do Curch of England believe in Heaven and Hell?

It depends who you talk to, the anglican church is split into different sects within its own walls, unity is more important than orthodoxy in anglicanism

When did Islam split into two groups?

In the mid 600

How has the split of Islam affected the Middle East?

The Split of Islam into Sunni and Shiite Islam had a number of incredibly important affects in the Middle East. It led to long-standing rivalries and conflicts between the two sects of Islam. Shiites were forcibly repressed in the Umayyad and subsequent Abbassid Caliphate. The Seljuks (Sunni Turks) had as their long-standing rival the Fatimids (Shiite Arabs) and they fought numerous wars over the control of the southern Levant. The revolt against the Idrissids (Shiite Arabs) in Morocco was inspired by Sunni Loyalists. Iran and Safavid Persia have openly discriminated against and forcibly converted Sunni Muslims to Shiite Islam. The bottom line is that the split has cost innumerable lives and increased suffering for all involved.

What was the result of Henry's split with rome?

The creation of the Anglican Church

Did Martin Luther set out to split the church up or just to change it?

Martin Luther first set out to reform the Catholic Church but ended up spliting it into different sects including Lutherenism.

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