Why vacation in Missouri?

Kansas City - Crown Center - Where it includes shopping, nice fancy restaruants, ice skating center, and more.
Sprint Center - Where famous artist comes for concerts.
Power and Light - A place where only people of 21 and older can come and party, chill, eat, shop, and have fun clubbing with your friends.
Plaza - Outside shopping, fancy restaraunts, library close by, nice parks, and more.
The a few minutes from there, Kansas City, Kansas has Legends 14 which is a outside shopping place, movie theaters, clubs and more.
Worlds of Fun, Ocean of fun, Adventure Oasis, Super Splash ect are some theme parks/water parks.
There is lots of things in just that one city.
St. Louis has alot more and its a bigger city.
It also has one Americas Land features, The famous Arch. Biggest arch and you can get on it through an elevator or something similar I believe.
Also the best Six Flags in the U.S.
But i can only talk best about Kansas City because I live there.
Missouri sounds like a boring state but it is a great state and it be pretty fun for vacations :]

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