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Australia is part of the commonwealth. Therefore they are allowed to participate at the games.

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Q: Why was Australia able to compete in the commonwealth games?
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Would Australia be able to participate in the commonwealth games if it became a republic?

Yes, because it is still in the Commonwealth of Nations

Who is able to compete at the games?

everyone but one

In what year were women first to compete?

Women were able to compete in the 1900 Olympic Games.

Will delhi be able to host Commonwealth Games 2010?

yes the 19th common wealth games are to be held in delhi.

Why can south africans participate in Commonwealth Games and countries like France cannot?

The commonwealth is made up of former british territory's (e.g South Africa), and France has never been a British Territory, so it's not able to be in the commonwealth, meaning it can't be in the commonwealth games.

When was women allowed to compete?

Womans were not allowed to compete in the Olympics in the ancient history because only men were able worship Zeus the mythology god that was started to worship him, until the 1900 Paris Olympics games woman's were not able to compete.

When were women able to compete in the olympic games?

Women were first allowed to compete in the 1900 Olympics in Paris. There were 19 women out of a total of 1,225 athletes.

Which year were woman able to compete in soccer at the summer olympic games?

Women's football debuted at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta.

Why have all the businesses in Australia gone overseas?

Many businesses in Australia have gone of-shore in order to be able to compete in a market where labour costs that are lower are only available overseas.

Why was ten pin bowling taken out of the Delhi Commonwealth games?

Tenpin bowling was only ever an official sport at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. It is up to the organising committee of each Commonwealth Games to decide on which sports to include. Unfortunately Tenpin bowling has not been able to be included again since 1998.

Who can compete in the olympic games?

anyone who qualifiesanyone who can qualify there are qualifying times, height ecti think that athletes that have been chosen and are physically able to compete in the olympicsLoads of different people from all around the world come to the olmpics to compete

Will John Cena be able to compete in Fatel 4 Way?

Yes he will compete.

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