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Why was Britain invented?

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It was not invented.

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When was the tv invented and brought into Britain?

It wasn't "brought into Britain" - it was invented in Britain. Look at the related link below.

Where spitfire was invented in?

the spitfire was invented and built in Britain.

What town in Italy was Lasagna invented?

Lasagna was invented in Britain.

Who invented Britain?

Nobody 'invented' Britain ! It was originally part of the European land mass, but was isolated when sea levels rose.

Where were locomotives invented?

in great britain

Which country invented phonebooths?


In which state was the radio invented?

Radio was invented in Britain and Germany, not the USA.

Was field hockey invented in India?

No, field hockey was invented in Britain.

Was the telephone invented in the US?

No, it was invented in Britain during the Victorian ages

Where did Thomas Newcomen invent the Steam engine?

he invented it in Britain he invented it in 1705

Which country invented rugby?

It was invented as such in Rugby School, Warwickshire, England, Britain

Where was thetelevision invented?

Television was invented in Britain. It was invented by John Logie Baird, a Scottish inventor in 1924.

What year was the computer invented in?

182O in Britain

Which country invented phone booth?


Who invented the first scooter?

Walter lines invented the first scooter in Britain in 1897.

Where was the rubber duck invented?

I don't know.britain

In what country was the first machine gun invented?


Who invented fairgrounds in Britain?

jack woods created them

When was op art first invented?

In Britain in 1956.

When the railways in Britain were invented were they the first in the world?

Yes, they were.

Who invented refrigerators in Victorian Britain?

John phllip

Who invented flush toilets in Victorian Britain?


What country invented the most sports?

Of the 10 most popular sports in the world, 8 were invented in Britain, hence, Britain is widely considered to be the home of modern sport.

During what war was the programmable computer invented?

World War 2 (and invented in Great Britain).

Who invented t v?

John Logie Baird of Scotland, Great Britain invented the Television