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Why was Connecticut founded?

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It was spawned from the Massachusetts colony. There were two factors: dissension, and expansion. They were fighting among themselves, and they needed more room. As early as 1633, Puritans and Pilgrims migrated into the Connecticut River Valley, drawn by the vast forests. In 1636, the Puritan minister Thomas Hooker moved three congregations to this valley, establishing the towns of Hartford, Wethersfield and Windsor. The Connecticut charter was more democratic in form, allowing people to vote without church membership. This was one of the first instances of separation of church and state.

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Who founded Connecticut in 1636?

Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut.

When was Connecticut founded and by who?

Connecticut was founded in 1635 by Thomas Hooker.

Who founded the colony of Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker founded the colony of Connecticut.

What person founded Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker was the person who founded connecticut

What day was Connecticut founded?

The Connecticut Colony was founded January 9, 1788.

What year was Connecticut founded?

Connecticut was founded by Roger Williams in the year 1636.

Why was colonial Connecticut founded?

Colonial Connecticut was founded as a sanctuary for Puritan men.

Where was Connecticut founded?

Connecticut was founded in colonial times. The founding location was near what is today known as the Connecticut river.

When was woodbury Connecticut founded?

It was founded in 1672,

Who was the founder of Connecticut?

Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker.

When was colony Connecticut founded?

it was founded in the year 1636

Who were the important people of Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut.

Who was the first founder of Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker was the founder of Connecticut .He founded Connecticut in 1636!

Whey was Connecticut founded?

Connecticut was founded because it was a river colony and it made it easier to import and export things

Why was Connecticut colony founded?

The Connecticut colony was founded because Thomas Hooker didnt agree with the rules of Massachusetts so he founded a new colony.

What was the reason for founding Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut was founded to provide religious and political freedom. It was founded by Thomas Hooker, who was a Puritan.

When was colonial Connecticut founded?


When was the colony of the Connecticut founded?


Who were the colonists who founded Connecticut?

the dutch

In which town in Connecticut was american's first law school founded in 1784?

in which town in connecticut was american's law school founded in 1784

The person who founded the Connecticut colony?

John Winthrop was the person that founded the Connecticut Colony in the New World. John Winthrop was the son of the man who founded Massachusetts Bay Colony.

When was Connecticut was founded?

That depends on what you mean by 'founded': The State of Connecticut was founded January 9, 1788 (when its government ratified the Constitution of the United States. The original English "Connecticut Colony" was officially founded in 1636with the signing of the Fundamental Orders, though it didn't receive a royal charter until 1662.

What was the economy in Connecticut?

well the real reason why Connecticut was founded was beause of trading foods and furs and all things they had other than family and friends That is ehy Connecticut was founded I LOVE TD!!

What was the population of Connecticut in colonial times?

Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker for religeus freedom.

What date was Connecticut founded?