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Why was Cuba an important place in the Cold War?

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"Cuba_in_the_Cold_War" id="Cuba_in_the_Cold_War">Cuba in the Cold


Following a revolution in 1959 Cuba adopted Communism, being the

only state in the Americas to have a do so, or at least to have a

Communist government that lasted. (In fact, it's still in office in

2006). An attempted invasion from the US ('Bay of Pigs' [and no it

was not a bay full of floating pigs :^P]) was a fiasco and in 1962

Khrushchev tried to station long-range missiles on the island. This

attempt led to the 'Cuban missile crisis' of 1962.

When this began, the U.S. sent Fidel Castro a letter stating

that the U.S. will remove their missiles from Turkey if Cuba remove

theirs. Castro agreed to this and did so, marking an end to the

Cuban Missile Crisis.

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