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Why was Curious George called Zozo when his books were first introduced in the UK?


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In 1941, when Curious George books were first introduced, George VI was England's king. To avoid insulting him by having his name be used by a monkey, it was decided to call the book's protagonist "Zozo". The name was changed in other countries, too. In Denmark, Curious George became Peter Pedal, in Israel he's known as Choni Ha'Sakran, and in Japan he goes by Hitomane Kozaru.

Authors H.A. and Margret Rey were living in Paris when they wrote the first of the Curious George books. Wanting to flee before the Nazis entered Paris, H.A. Rey built two bicycles from spare parts, and the two pedaled out of the city just hours before the Nazis entered. They took with them some food, warm coats and the manuscripts of five books they had written, including Curious George. Author/illustrator H.A. Rey was born on September 16, 1898.

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