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Albert Einstein had problems with his family and there issues the way he dealt with it mad his life hard

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How do you say a wonderful life in latin?

Vitum Mirabilis ( wonderful Life- the Life word is more or less plural). Mirabilis also can be worked into Miracle. while on this, Wonder Wheel- the Coney Isle landmark- would be Rota Mirabilis.

How the royal life in ancient Egypt can be described?

It can be described as quite a lavish life.

How is cubism described?

It is described by being un life-life and stil.almost like stil art!

What was Albert Einsteins main work in life?

Einstein was a professor and practitioner of theoretical physics at Princeton University.

Was Einsteins brain not normal?

No it wasn't it actually was very normal. He was actually considered a dumb one in his early school life.

What actors and actresses appeared in Life as It Is Described - 2010?

The cast of Life as It Is Described - 2010 includes: Cody Duncan Christine Zuke

Emotional health can best be described as?

how happy/sad you are and if you are content with life/your life.

Who describes an isotopes half life?

Half-life is described in time units.

What did Albert Einstein give to society?

Einstein could be viewed as having given everything that people take for granted today. During his annus mirabilis (miracle year), he produced four papers that would propel him into the limelight for the rest of his life. Papers dealing with photoelectric effect, Brownian motion, special relativity and the equivalence of mass and energy are just a few of his first gifts to the world. He could also be viewed as the person who gave the world the ability to destroy itself. With E=MC2 he would forever change how the world and mankind interact with the universe.

What were some major events in albert einsteins life?

His father Hermann died in 1909 from a plane crash. His father Hermann died in 1909 from a plane crash.

Life in the imperial court at Heian was described in what Japanese novel?

Tale of Genji by Lady Murasaki described the imperial court at Heian.

Why is water described as elixier of life?

Yes! water is very essential for life we cant live without it.

Albert Einstein What was one special event that was a highlight in his life once famous?

One special event that was a highlight in Albert Einsteins' life was when a solar eclipse let British astronomers confirm the general theory of relativity.

Poe's life can best be described as?

his poem A Dream Within A Dream

How did Lewis and clark help settlers?

they described wild life and the land

What dates were important in Albert Einstein's life?

three important days in Albert Einsteins life were when he became the father of the atomatic bomb,when he got married to his cousin ,Elsa,. the last day is when he won the Noble Peace prize in 1921.

Latin word for age?

Age means more than one thing.Aetas means "lifetime, age; a generation"Vetustas means "old age, long life"Annus means "a year, as it relates to someones age"

How is hook-up described?

Hook-up is described as a connection to a state of grace or powerful and nourishing life force. It is the opposite of strain or effort.

What is anerobic?

A life-form that lives in an oxygen-free environment is described as "anaerobic."

Will you describe the life of Anne Frank?

Her life is described in great detail in the book, 'The Diary of Anne Frank' by Anne Frank.

What important events happen during albert einsteins life?

The most important thing was the development and use of the atomic bomb which he was indirectly involved in developing though his theories. Personally he was opposed to its development.

How can you describe culture?

Culture can be described as a particular people's, group's, or place's way of life.

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