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Why was Gordon Brown Prime Minister?

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Gordon Brown was elected leader of the Labour party unopposed in 2007 after Tony Blair stepped-down. When Tony Blair resigned as Prime Minister, HM Queen Elizabeth II called for Gordon Brown, as leader of the majority party to form a government.

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Is Gordon Brown the prime minister of Germany?

No, Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister of the UK.

What did Gordon Brown do?

Gordon Brown was the prime minister of the UK.

Which Prime Minister preceded Gordon Brown?

Tony Blair preceded Gordon Brown as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

When did Gordon Brown become Prime Minister?

Gordon Brown became Prime Minister of The United Kingdom on 27th June 2007.

What was the date Gordon brown became prime minister?

Prime Minister James Gordon BROWN since 27 June 2007

Who is the prime minister for Great Britain 2009?

prime minister, Gordon Brown

Who was the prime minister after Gordon Brown?

The current Prime Minister - David Cameron.

Who is England's vice president?

We do not have Presidents or Vice Presidents in the United Kingdom. We have a Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is Gordon Brown. The Deputy Prime Minister is vacant, Gordon Brown has not appointed anyone.

What does Gordon Brown do?

He was the British Prime Minister.

What famous Gordon just became Prime Minister?

Gordon Brown was the British Prime Minister before David Cameron.

What party does prime minister Gordon Brown represent?

Gordon Brown is a member of the Labour Party

Was Gordon brown prime minister in 2000?

Brown became Prime Minister in June 2007 and resigned in May 2010.

Why is Gordon Brown a bad prime minister?

because he IS

Is The Prime Minister of England Gordon Brown in charge on Scotland as well?

Gordon Brown isn't the Prime Minister of England. He is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.Hence, he is in charge of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Was Gordon Brown the prime minister in 1997?

No. Until he lost a general election on 1 May 1997 the Prime Minister was John Major. On 2 May Tony Blair became Prime Minister, with Gordon Brown as Chancellor of the Exchequer (equivalent to other countries' Finance Minister). Gordon Brown took over as Prime Minister on 2 June 2007.

Is The Prime Minister of England Gordon Brown in charge of Scotland as well?

Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. England does not have a Prime Minister nor its own government. Scotland has its own government and it is led by the First Minister Alex Salmond.

What year did Gordon Brown come prime minister?

He became Prime Minister on 27th June 2007

Who is the previous British Prime Minister?

As of 8th May, 2011, the previous prime minister is Gordon Brown.

Who is Gordon Brown prime minister of Great Britain?

James Gordon Brown was an non-elected Prime Minister of Great Britain who took over from Tony Blair when he stepped down. Gordon Brown was Prime Minister from 27th June 2007 until the general election on 11th May 2010.

Current leader of UK?

prime minister Gordon brown

Is Gordon Brown the worst Prime Minister ever?

yes he is

What is Gordon brown job?

prime minister looking after the contry

Who is the current Prime Minister of the UK 2008?

Gordon Brown.

When did Gordon Brown become prime minister of Britain?

Its 2007

What are Gordon Brown rules as the priminster?

He is no longer Prime Minister.