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Hitler was not Jewish, it is beleived he had Jewish blood in his family tree but Hitler struck that from public record..

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What kind of people did Hitler want?

hitler only wanted white german people. that was his plan to be as for the master race of his inglorious vision.

Who were worthy that Adolf Hitler wanted to live in German empire?

Only German people, those part of the Aryan race.

How did German citizens view Hitler and Germany?

Many people in Germany viewed Hitler as there last hope. Many lived in poverty and propaganda persuaded them to believe Hitler was the only one who could save them.

Did Hitler speak englilsh?

No, he could only speak German.

Are there black Nazis?

no there were no black Naiz because Hitler only liked white people and thought that they were perfect, and plus you had to be a German

Could Hitler speak Italian?

No, he could only speak German.

Was Adolf Hitler bi lingual?

No, he could only speak German.

Why did hitler persecute the jewish population?

hitler believed that the world should be only german, and people that have blonde hair and blue eyes even when he had brown hair. and he didn't only kill the jews, he killed other religions as well.

What was hitlers purpose in killing so many people?

Hitler wanted the German race to be the only race that's why it was called the "master race"

Was Adolf Hitler German?

He was born in Braunau. That is reallly Austria near Salzburg.Hitler was born in Austria of Austrian parents in 1889. He only managed to obtain German citizenship in 1932 ...

List 2main reasonswhy the Holocaust occurred?

Hitler only wanted people that were 100% German in Germany. He thought they lie Even if he was part Jewish!

Did Hitler and the Nazis hate black people?

Hitler hated everyone. If they killed all the Jews in the world they would go after the next group or race of people. Hilter believed that only his kind (German) is the best and others should just die.

Who was a nazi dictator of germany?

There was only one German Nazi Dictator: Adolf Hitler.

What do people feel about Hitler?

Hitler believed that jews and other races except nordic german aryan were unacceptable wanted aryans to rule the world.The majority of people except some high cast people unaccepted him.It was only after his death that people came to know about crimes committed by hitler.Now the people hated him.

What gun did Hitler kill himself with?

A German Machiene Pistol But he only put in one Bullet

What caused German people to take Adolf Hitler seriously?

He promised them that they would earn more money. Germans were depressed and was poor after WW1 and a leader like this would only bring them up, and hitler did. In a very bad way.

Did Hitler have any fears?

Hitler was a Human so he definitely feared something. Adolf Hitler was a great speaker and only made speeches to motivate the German people. He did not talk about what he feared. We do know that Hitler feared the spread of communism. He also feared torture which is why he killed himself, to avoid being tortured by Russian soldiers.

How many languages did Hitler speak?

Only German. Two, if his native dialect of Austro-Bavarian is to be considered as a separate language from Standard German (Hochdeustch).

Why train dogs in German?

Only people that speak German train dogs in German

Is it true that Hitler only had one ball?

Some people say he did like the German medic, Johan Jambor said it was true! Apparently, Jambor revealed it to a priest and he also said that Hitler's first question was 'Will I be able to have children?'But there is no proof of it - it is only one of the many rumors of Hitler.

Who gave Hitler the Iron Cross?

Hugo Guttmann, A German-Jewish Officer and veteran of the Great War. He would later put in and award Hitler the Iron Cross which was only awarded to non enlistment personal in the German Army.

What 6 people did Adolf Hitler get married to?

Hitler was not married to 6 people, he was only married to one, namely Eva Braun.

Why did Hitler single out people for their race?

He wanted only pure people and that is Aryan People

How do Germans feel about Hitler?

It depends who you're talking about. The Nazi party are the ones that supported Hitler. The actual German army disliked him. What many people don't realize, is that the only ones who supported Hitler were the Nazi party. It was kind of like a club. Then the Nazis forced the citizens of Germany to fight their wars. In fact, there were twelve attempts by Germans to assassinate Hitler.

Why did hitler only kill jews?

that is not true he killed black people, people with disability's gay peope and people who didn't like Hitler as well as the Jews.

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