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Why was Hitler racist?

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Because he thought everyone should look the same and have the same culture.

Hitler wanted blonde hair and blue eyes (not just white people). His idea was to kill Jews to destroy the Free Masons idea of world Jewish government and world domination. Hitler is considered a racist because he hated Jews.

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Why did Hitler despise Jews?

He was a racist

Who did Hitler have racist feelings about?


Is it rasist to have a mustaches like Hitler?

No, it is only racist if you have a moustache like Hitler because you admire him and you share his views. But just having a moustache like Hitler would not make you a racist.

Was Hitler racis?

Yes, Hitler was racist against a lot of people and countries.

Why was Hitler so racist?

Hitler was very racial during the second world war time, but there are people from any country who are very racist and ignorant.

Why did Adolf Hitler not like Jews?

because he was a racist

Why is Adolf not racist?

Hitler was one of the biggest racists ever.

Was Hitler handsome?

Yes. but racist he killed lots of people...

Are Adolph Hitler mustaches racist?

No it'a really nice

Did Adolph Hitler like the people?

he was racist to the people how did not like

Is it racist to randomly say Hitler?

That would probably depend on the context in which you are saying Hitler and the motive behind saying it, as well as the way of saying it. If you are saying it in a way that makes it seem as if you are admiring Hitler, then that would be considered very offensive and racist.

Who were the Germans racist against before Hitler?

They were Racist to mostly Jews and about anyone else who didnt fit their ideal image

What does racist mea ns?

if you are racist you bully someone about their religion or race, also it could mean you think their religion is lower than yours in society (hitler was racist)

Did Hitler shoot his family after he was captured?

Yes he did. He was a weird and racist man

Why were Jews such an easy target for Hitler?

cause his racist and hated jews

Is hitlor a good person?

if you mean HITLER, than NO WAY! he was a racist idiot.

In war world 2 Who preached a racist brand of fascism?

Adolf Hitler

What man is a famous racist?

An example of a famous racist would be Adolf Hitler. He was extremely racist towards the Jewish people which caused one of the most depressing times in history known as the Holocaust.

What were similarities of Hitler and Mussolini?

They were both dictators that hated communism and democracy, but that's where the similarities end. Mussolini loved women, wine and children and there is evidence that he wasn't racist. Hitler was a bitter, workaholic racist who wasn't interested in sex.

Was Adolf Hitler a mad tyrant and racist fanaticwho tricked Germany into following him?

yes he was

How did Hitler gain support for his racist ideas against Jews?

he kept it hidden from the public

How did the nazi get into power?

Hitler was a dictator if he couldn't get something he took it why u may ask well because hes a racist b!@#$. Hitler was a dictator if he couldn't get something he took it why u may ask well because hes a racist b!@#$.

Who are 5 people who did racist slavery?

Adolf Hitler had done slavery that have killed thousends of people.

Is little people toys racist?

Of course it is. Little People is even an anagram for Adolf Hitler.

Was Hitler a racist?

Yes. Adolf Hitler was indeed a racist. He is pretty much the poster-boy for racism. He believed strongly in eugenics and that the Aryan race was the master race. In the death camps he murdered Jews, gypsies, people with mental and/or physical disabilities, homosexuals, and African Muslims. He also ordered public executions to many people, mainly children who were disobedient to the Nazi workers. In conclusion, the answer is yes, Hitler was a big racist.

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