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Why was Ivan the terrible so terrible?


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Ivan the terrible was terrible because of his strict rules and harsh punishments.

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Ivan The Terrible Santiago goes by Ivan The Terrible, and Jamesboy.

Yes, Ivan the Terrible is the grandson of Ivan the Great.

Ivan IV was the terrible tsar. He was called Ivan the Terrible.

Ivan iv (Ivan the Terrible) was paranoid about the Boyars and had them executed.

Ivan The Terrible was the Crowned Price of Moscow from 1533.

There is no sufficient information about how tall Ivan the Terrible was on any of his biographies. However, Ivan the Terrible is generally described as tall.

Ivan the Great (Ivan III) then Ivan the terrible (Ivan IV) Ivan the Great came first

Ivan the Terrible was born in Kolomenskoye, near Moscow.

it was a secret police organized by Ivan the terrible

Ivan the terrible likes to play ice hockey

Ivan The Terrible Santiago is 5' 8".

well he was called "terrible" , at first, when he killed his son, but not realy

There is a myth that Ivan the Terrible blinded them after they built Saint Basil's Cathedral so that they could never build anything so beautiful again.

Ivan the Terrible was crowned king in 1547.

The duration of Ivan the Terrible - film - is 3.12 hours.

The ISBN of Ivan the Terrible - novel - is 978-1405233248.

Ivan the terrible ruled from 1533-1584 (51 years)

Ivan the Terrible died by having a stroke while playing chess

Ivan the Terrible (this is his name in English; I believe a closer translation is Ivan the Fearsome) was a czar of Russia, where he lived.

Ivan the Terrible was most known for his political accomplishments, although he did build a cathedral in 1560. Ivan the Terrible tried to expand westward, and in doing so he build a Cathedral to show the victory over Kazan (Ivan the Terrible). The Cathedral was built to honor Ivan's successful military against Tartan Mongols (St. Basils' Cathedral).

Probably because he was terrible.

Ivan the Terrible was Russian Orthodox; he had St. Basil's Cathedral built.

Ivan the Terrible - novel - has 128 pages.

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