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At Pearl Harbor it was that they had achieved total surprise and benefited by some mistakes made by the U.S. military.

In the Philippines it was because of the low priority given to building up that country until it was too late AND some major mistakes by Douglas MacArthur and his staff.

AnswerAttack on Pearl Harbour wasn't such a big success as it seems. The most importand targets like carriers, docks, fuel supplies survived. AnswerJapan was successful because the US saw them on the radar but thought they were the B-12 bombers scheduled to land. The US took no notice but monitored them. By the time they came in so fast that the lookouts didn't have enough time to tell everyone they were under attack. Finally, the attack was successful because they caught Pearl Harbor asleep by attacking them on a Sunday morning.
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Q: Why was Japan so successful in their attack on the US?
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How did pearl harbor begin and end?

Japan thought that the US was going to attack them so Japan attacked us first even though we were not going to attack them. And pearl harbor ended when Japan ran out of planes on there carriers.

What got us into war with japan?

well the rest of the world was already at war, but japan feared that we would attack them, so they bombed pearl harbor before we could attack them

Why is japan so successful?

because it is

Why did japan bomb Thailand?

they attack us first so we fought them in world war 2.

How did the attack on Pearl Harbor happen?

Japan and us were on "hostile" ground, argueing over oil lines in japan. The us wanted to cut them off. So japan and us started negotiating. During negotiations, Japan went behind their back and planned the attack, over a period of weeks or even months.Hawaii

What did the attack on pearl harbor cause the US to do?

2 hours or so after the attack, President Roosevelt declared war on Japan, which lead to their destruction.

What was the reason why japan attack the US?

They wanted to "blow" the US so they could invade and take over. This is when the US joined the Allied Powers.

What reasons did japan attack the us fleet at pearl harbor?

To cripple the United States so a small country like Japan could actually have a chance to conquer the US.

Why did Japan attack US forces?

They attacked the US because they wanted to knock out the Pacific Fleet so that America couldn't get involved.

Why was the island-hopping strategy of the Americans successful?

Japan is 4,108 miles from Hawaii. The US needed bases of operation to attack Japan. The only way to do that was to capture islands and move closer to Japan so they could supply the armies, use airpower and naval power to invade Japan. It was thought that the US would invade Japan and the plans for war revolved around that objective. It was not till very late in the war that the US had an alternative in the Atomic bomb.

This battle was fought so Japan would be able to attack the main shipping routes from the US to Australia?


Did US want pearl harbor to be attacked?

well, no because it was a suprise attack so only Germany and Japan knew and the US had no idea

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